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  1. Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud, but isn't part of the VR experience feeling like you are in the cockpit? For me having to twist around to see behing you is part of the whole "immersion" thing.
  2. Is this just an Intel based phenomenon, or are there AMD equivalents?
  3. I have to run with Motion Smoothing off as well. With it on I get all sorts of spikes in frame time and fps jumps all around from 40 to 60, and stuttering. With it off I get a steady 60 fps (40 fps down low over buildings on the Channel).
  4. Follow this link, it will give you step by step instructions. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/709/
  5. No need to shout, I'm just passing along info. My friend had the same issue last night with his G2 after the update. The above clean and install process worked for him and he was able to fly immediately after applying the clean and repair. Good luck.
  6. Saw that article...I will be keeping my eye on it! Very happy with my Index and have high hopes for the next iteration.
  7. I run my Index with Motion Smoothing off with fps around 60 (40 low over a crowded city). If it is on fps jump from 40's to 60's and worse if flying low over a city. A quick look at fpsVR shows all sorts of spikes I'm both gpu and cpu frame times vs smoothish frame times with MS off.
  8. My friend had the same issue last night. Clean and Repair worked for him. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/709/
  9. Here are my settings for SteamVR, DCS, and I've read a few things that under volting the 6900xt might be best for performance, so I've been playing with the Automatic Under volt preset. I get a pretty solid 60fps unless I'm flying low over a city, then I get a steady 40 fps. Settings are in the Spoiler tags... Hope those help you out
  10. With the exception of the 6900xt, our systems are a bit different, but here are a few of the settings I've found useful in the AMD Adrenaline software. First like I said before, enable "RAGE MODE" in the Tuning section of the Performance tab. The only settings inside Adrenaline that I have turned on are Radeon Imade Sharpening 80% Radeon Enhanced Sync That's it. I do suggest running some tests on the other options, but for me these two work. The only other thing I've noticed with DCS is that it doesn't seem to like the Adr
  11. Hey @dburne welcome to the Index family! I've read a bunch of your threads, so I know you're not new to the VR thing. Please forgive me if I over state the obvious. If you haven't already, turn off BLOOM in the DCS VR Tab. This made a world of difference for me visually in game and should help with some of the shimmer. If you still have too many jaggies shimmering then add the MSAA x2 (or which ever Anti-aliasing method you prefer). Since you have no issues with locking frames at 45 fps, set the REFRESH RATE in SteamVR to 90 and crank up the SS (I see yo
  12. Using a 6900xt and 5800x. I'll write more after I get home tonight, but if you don't plan to manually OC the card, be sure to set your 6900xt to Rage Mode.
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