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  1. I get my VR mic and everything going first. Then I turn on Vaicom. That red mic light in the right corner is always on. All the Windows settings are set correctly for sound and work fine. Mic is working fine otherwise except in Vaicom. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. It stopped crashing for a couple days but the crashes are back again.
  3. If you mean are my commands in a linked file, the answer would be yes. So I take it that REL HOT means the mic stays hot for a second. But before was different. I just said the word and my flaps came down. Instant response. No button fumbling. Can I get back to that?
  4. My VAICOM has gone kaput. I made the horrible mistake of moving all my Steam folders to another drive and now MANY things are screwed up. VAICOM included. In the good old days, when I used PTT before moving files, I always heard a nice "click" confirmation that I was using the radio. Now I get silence. What do I do to correct this? Also, on a more general level is there a file or something that I need to resurrect or to move in order to stave off more problems like this? As mentioned, moving the files created a host of seemingly unresolvable problems. T
  5. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seemed that a few days ago my Vaicom Pro had a great feature. But I have no idea how it got there, nor why it seems to be gone. Specifically, a couple days ago, it didn't seem like I needed to press PTT to issue "in-plane" commands. Those are ones I wrote like, "Flaps Down One Notch," "Auto," "Frame 2") [that shows the exterior of the plane]. In other words, I could activate my in-plane commands without involving the PTT buttons. It was faster that way, and more realistic too since you wouldn't normally broadcast all your in-plane commands to
  6. Guys. Resolved. It was in the joystick settings in Voice Attack. In the "Options" part of that menu they have a drop-down for the number of positions that you want the POV hat to recognize. You can choose 2, 4, 8, etc. from that drop-down. For some unexplained reason, the setting for the drop-down was "None." Don't know how it got that way, but that was the only thing wrong. In fact, every other button worked except the POV for the reason mentioned. Thanks for your help. Michael PS: I agree with MAXsenna's point about how you mov
  7. I have a Thustmaster Joystick and I have been using the buttons on that to run my radios in DCS. I made the horrendous mistake of moving all my Steam files from one drive to another which has pretty much dorked everything, including my Vaicom Pro. I got finally Voice Attack to start up and I also got the Vaicom Pro profile to load. But for some reason, when I use my joystick buttons as PTT for the radio, there is no Vaicom response. It is as though I didn't push the PTT button(s) at all. Where should I be looking to fix this? Parenthetically,
  8. No, the joystick, mouse, keyboard, etc. is all the same from day one. The only thing that is different was that I used Track IR before I got VR. I don’t use Track IR anymore.
  9. Voice Attack is crashing randomly after just a few minutes of play. Doesn't seem to be connected to a single command. I have Vaicom Pro. I play on Steam. Using VR
  10. Weegie: I did the "Hot Mic" thing you described above and that seemed to work OK. I just speak a MINE command without engaging a MIC and everything works OK. Have written about 10 commands in MINE and they now all seem to work that way. I didn't do the PTT method because I didn't really understand all that "Multi" stuff you mentioned. Is there a video somewhere that shows all these menus and their utility? It would be good to see a presentation that discusses not only "what" a button does buy also "why" the player might want to use it. Thanks for your he
  11. Weegie: I tried to use the MINE simultaneous with VAICOM serving as the dominant profile. I said NIGHT VISION which in MINE means turn on the night vision goggles. Nothing happened. VAICOM reports the event this way: 8:42:45.693 Listening suspended 8:42:45.686 Joystick : 'Transmit TX2 release' 8:42:45.272 Recognized : 'night vision' (referenced) (Confidence 82) So we can safely say that VAICOM "recognizes" the command. It just doesn't seem to do anything with it. Then, if we put VAICOM in the subordinate role, with MINE as the
  12. Weegie:: Thanks for that detail. Today I will try the suggestions you have set forth. I will get back to you after that. Thanks again. Michael Weegie: I should’ve said one more thing. I have mine set up so that I use the mic switch to trigger the VAICOM instructions. The MINE profile, on the other hand doesn’t have that. I wonder if this fact could have something to do with the issue? Or maybe that is irrelevant? Thanks. Michael
  13. I am not a telecomunications expert so please bear with me. I use VAICOM pro with DCS. Flying A10C. The VAICOM Pro works fine. But I want to add my profile "on top" of VAICOM so I can add voice commands to that. Maybe I have 6 commands in MINE right now. But probably I will end up with more like 20. When I engage my profile, let's call it MINE so we don't get confused, simultaneously with VC the MINE commands are heard but they don't execute in the game. It's like the MINE commands don't exist. If I turn off Profile Support, of course the M
  14. OK I can connect time after time. But I can never STAY connected for more than a few seconds. "You're taking fuel" and then the disconnect occurs. Seems like ANY move I make to stay even with the tankser once connection occurs causes an almost immediate disconnect. So my question is, who the heck do you STAY connected.
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