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  1. Yes I'm not one of the pc master race that really cares about all that. I dont need the best of the best to be happy with what I have. But this is getting off point. This thread is a thank you to ed for there work. Not to argue about what thay do or how hard it is. So I still feel you missed the point if this thread entirely. If ya dont want to thank ed for there hard work on this why even comment here? I wont be responding after this cause this is not the point of this thread at all. The point is people who want to thank ed. That is all.
  2. I dont understand the response in this thread to this but I'll put my part in. I fly in vr a vive with a 1070 ftw, and a CPU only running at 4.0. And I feel my performance is fine. I dont need 90 fps to enjoy it. I run about 30. The point of this was to thank ed for there hard work. So adding a criticism to this thread seems a bit off point.
  3. Lazy eagles just wants people to talk with us. https://discord.gg/GJyngGE
  4. I awften forget these are here so if you have any questions hop on and me or my admins will gladly answer, untill I get us a fourm admin.
  5. After a large ammount of internal drama. Lazy eagles has worked out some kinks and is working on rebuilding. If your looking for a group to fly with, that dosent require anything other then activity from you. Then ya found the right place. We are a small group of guys. Who play dcs for the fun of dcs. Not cause we are some milsim type or anything like that We accept any skill level and any time zone. And most of us are active every day. We stay on top of all things dcs related, including mods, updates, and general news and rumors. We have two servers up 24 seven with all aircr
  6. I know ed gets a lot of hate, and I honestly hate reading it. But for what you guys have made and the work you put in to it. I'm happy with it. Shure things get broke but. It happens. People expect the best of the best, but dev's are still human. Mistakes are allowed. I haven't ben here long but I have spent a lot of money. But that dosent change my thoughts at all. All if my flight group loves what dcs is. And just have fun with it. I've payed 80+ dollars on other games just for them to go free to play later. I've put years in to games just for there servers to shut down. Shit happens.
  7. we are here agine to try and bring people together and fly. We have people from all around the world so its alwas active. Are you looking for people to fly with in dcs? Tired of alwas having to fly alone or go super Miltary sim? Just want to fly with people and have fun in your own way with others? Well look no further. The lazy eagles invites you. Why join us? We are just a bunch of people who enjoy flying in dcs, and enjoy learning and teaching new things. We try to keep the group together and flying together as much as possible. But we are also understanding of real life. We only requ
  8. update today fixed. after the update today, my server is alive and happy, thank you for the quick work ed, keep it up!
  9. I have ben running this server fine before this update though for a while, with no crashes with prety big missions and upwords of 8 people on at once. Why would it it suddenly not work with the same missions as before? its 3.8ghz
  10. Fresh reinstall of server, same mission as before. light no big stress. no mods on server. just running dcs and remote screen program attached full log file. thanks for the help. dcs.log-20200521-182700.zip
  11. server crashing on load even with simple mission and super carrier. mission had 8 f18 and 4 f14 on super carrier, and ground targets, nothing else. works fine in single player and on normal client, but not on server client.
  12. I'll see if I can be a little more clear, and ask a few more questions. When i get in to the game and get a task, I do go to those menues but it makes no difference. I continue to get the task updates. When I join a new task I now get updates from both missions. And when I downloaded v2.1.1 Questions: theres an option to report task as secuss would it be possible to stop messages after it has become secusfull? I.e. remove all message cues for that mission? Sorry if spelling is bad. Just really enjoying this mission bit cant play it at all with this issue.
  13. Having an issue, for some reason the stop flash reports option is not working when I download. And I get flooded with reports of tasks if I switch an active task. Any help or advice?
  14. Just starting, we dont expect much, mainly dont be a jerk. 24/7 decated server. Running with a dynamic map. Any plane any time any place any skill. If you just want people to fly with come chat with us. Discord: https://discord.gg/7AmR2tx
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