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  1. That's where I am with my laptop. Appreciate the feedback, as I'm undecided about which way to go with a new gaming desktop build. How big is your boot drive?
  2. Good idea to disconnect the backup drives until needed. I currently have USB drives backing up my laptop's drives, and they're always connected so the backups can run as scheduled. Thanks for that advice. Our office had a ransomware attack a few years ago, and to this day I don't know why it didn't get to our mirrored NAS data backups. Thank goodness it didn't. It was still a royal pain to rebuild all the workstations. Now I back up the workstations onto the NAS, and our data and accounting software lives in the cloud.
  3. Hopefully the title says it all. Would you put the OS, Page File, and all other programs on a smaller, cheaper (not-top-of-the-line) 1TB SSD like an EVO 970, and dedicate a fast 512GB SSD like a Samsung EVO 980 Pro JUST for DCS and MSFS2020? Or would you not worry about it and put everything on a 2TB SSD like a Sabrent Rocket 4.0 or EVO 980 Pro? The computer will be primarily for gaming.
  4. I've got an 8-port hub, and haven't had any problems with it. USB3 is pretty much a necessity.
  5. GTX 1060 Max-Q I get 45 fps @ 1920x1080. But 2560x1440 looks so nice. That card isn't quite up to it with Medium graphics settings.
  6. What missile is this? (inboard one.)
  7. Too bad I have to give it to the customer next week... :) Built for video editing: ASRock X299 Creator Intel i9-9940X @ 4GHz. 14 cores Liquid cooling. (CPU 30°C at idle / 86°C running Passmark Max Heat test. No throttling noted. All cores ran at 100% throughout the test. CPU was pulling 360W at peak.) 64GB DDR4-4000 RAM (running at 2600 for stability.) Samsung 970 Pro nVidia Quadro RTX 4000 I loaded DCS for kicks and flew the Frogfoot in Caucasus with the default 'High' settings (1920x1080.) I was getting a steady 90-115 fps panning around and hit 185 when I looked up throug
  8. Not a fair comparison - at all. Photoshop and 3ds Max are business tools. People will spend that kind of money because, in the hands of a competent user, the software provides a significant ROI. Throw money at DCS and you get to shoot people down and get shot down in fakeland. Is there money to be made with DCS? Sure, if you have a successful YouTube channel, and/or provide services like training.
  9. You'll need a new Windows license (I'm assuming Win10) if you swap motherboards. The rest of the components won't force you into that. On a side note... I built a computer for a customer and had major issues with the MOBO. I swapped it out for a different manufacturer/model and couldn't activate it with the existing Product ID. I called Microsoft and explained the situation, and they gave me a new license for free. So all is not lost.
  10. The i5-10600K is a fine low cost CPU, and is one of the best value propositions for single-thread performance. My question is whether DCS will rewrite their code to support true multi-core, multi-threaded operation (which it DESPERATELY needs, IMHO.) If so, then you might want to look at CPU's in that general price range that have more cores.
  11. All I want for Christmas is the VKB Gunfighter base and a good F/A-18 stick to go with it. (I know Z-axis rotation for rudder is lame, but I'd love to find that in my stocking, hung by the chimney with care...)
  12. Glad to hear you got it resolved. Did you disable Defender?
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