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  1. Hello, Is there a suitable engine configuration for climbing and that the plane is not so unstable? At low speeds on the ascent, I notice that you have to make a lot of stick movements to make it more or less stable. and another rookie question, do the rudders influence the stability or just so that the plane does not slide? thks
  2. lt_d4n

    Corsair Hype!

    maybe this week give the release date
  3. I have tried all the changes and there is still micro stuttering, with the afterburner I see in the frametime graph an increase in ms that coincides with the sttutering. I have seen in videos like the one of growling sidewinder that it also happens to him, so the problem comes from dcs and sudden drops in fps.
  4. +1 Very good initiative, it would be nice if ED creates a thread with real information or with what they can tell us (for example dcs 2.6, new clouds...)
  5. Thank you very much for the help, I will test your indications
  6. It was the first thing I did before writing the post, I deleted the game completely and left everything by default. thanks!
  7. I have uninstalled the tacview and I have the same fps, I have also changed to my old 1080 monitor in case it were this, but despite getting more fps, I still notice that microstuttering, especially when I look at the terrain (even lowering the terrain textures to low). So, either it's something from the new nvidia drivers, the dcs graphics engine, or some kind of problem with the trackir
  8. Yess, windows gpu scheduling is off...well i wait for the next patch to see if I recover the performance. thanks for the reply. Yes, the use of the gpu so low is rare, it only happens to me in dcs. other games like cyberpunk, apex is usually 80-95%. I will try to reduce the preload radius and look at the terrain textures ... but with these specs there should be no problems ... especially the microstutter which is what affects the game experience the most because appears in all maps, specially when appears when I fly closer to the ground and this didnt happen, I thi
  9. wmic pagefile list /format:list AllocatedBaseSize=6392 CurrentUsage=184 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20201212074552.635273+000 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=6309 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE Thank you both for your answer. Attached files and graphics driver parameters are all by default, only gsync compatible active. I have tried gsync off and on (with vscyn in fast) and everything is the same. I've been noticing this for a few weeks now and it happens on all maps. I am very surprised by the low utilization of the gpu dcs.log dcs.log.ol
  10. I am attaching a screenshot of the map of Syria, with the afterburner measurements ... is this low CPU and gpu usage normal and with so few frames? it happens to me on all maps (muktiplayer). played in 2k, high options and 2x msaa Also, for a few weeks I have noticed a lot of microsuttering... thks my specs: i710700k, msi rtx 3080 gaming x, 32gb ram (3200mhz), ssd m2
  11. Same here! Rtx 3080, i7 10700k, 32gb ram and ssd m2...the performance in this game is very very bad
  12. I hace the same problem since last update with trackir5...slightly sttutering when look around cockpit
  13. Can you use the same radio buttons for voice / vaicom and dcs? I have noticed that now the actions of the f10 menu only work with the voice and not clicking ...
  14. lt_d4n


    Do you see this front panel realistic? I'm not saying I want it dirty or clean, but realistic, because those panels look washed out and not realistic, it hasn´t textures, compare it to f16, f18, f14 ...
  15. lt_d4n


    Is it planning to redesign the cockpit panels? look very washed and unrealistic
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