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  1. If you specify the threath in DED, should other threaths continue to appear in had? because to me yes is it implemented?
  2. I use the heavy spring and the soft center cam and they go very well. I also bought the extra heavy spring, but this one I already feel excessively hard in the movement of the axes, perhaps with extension it will feel better. What I do notice and ask you is if with the heavy spring it is difficult for you to take the maximum range of movements of both axes to the maximum. As you advance on the axis there is more tension but I notice that when you reach almost the maximum of the axis, the tension is already excessive. Its normal?
  3. Hi, I have a question, , I recently bought the warbrd base and have it with the warthog stick. I would like to know if there is any possibility that the key mapping that I had with the TM base can load it with the virpil base. thks!!
  4. My specs are the same and I get in marianas flying close to the ground around 30-40fps. I find it funny that when people complain about low fps, the answer is that they get better hardware. I think my hardware is more than enough, and the problem is the poor graphical optimization of the simulator
  5. does warbrd base and tm warthog stick combination work? I say it by the weight of the stick. Do you think it is necessary to buy the extra heavy spring set? Thanks for the help
  6. Does anyone know how turn no the autohover in pilot seat? I give the switch but it does not turn on? thks
  7. It is evident that there is a decrease in performance and poor optimization since 2.7, with high and low computers. stutter, blurry vision and fps drop. It only remains to wait for new updates
  8. Yes, it was reported a long time ago and still nothing
  9. to me since yesterday's update, the game crashes more
  10. in my case it is the same and I have a 3080, it is evident that there is a loss of performance in both vr and non-vr. On the other hand, I have noticed that when turning the view with the trackir there is a very noticeable blur, even with high fps ... you can also see it in the videos of Matt and other YouTubes and that was not noticeable before, not to mention the stutter ... have to improve the performance of this 2.7
  11. the repair does not fix anything, even formatting the pc. I've seen more crashes with 2.7 than in everything I've been playing dcs. It is a bug that will have to be fixed
  12. go from 40 fps to 120 for the version change
  13. Do you have msaa and ssaa activated?fps?
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