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  1. Ended up going with the Meza table mounts with the 90 degree usb cable for the throttle. I did have to screw the board down across my desk, but I don't move it anyway, so not a big deal. So far, much more comfortable that up on the desk. The Meza mounts seem to be just about the same construction as the Monstertech, but with shipping ended up being over 100 dollars cheaper. Thanks to all for the advice!
  2. Chris P

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    Yeah, that's the unfortunate thing. Since I've taken the time to already program everything thru DCS, I'm not going to switch to a different profile, I was looking for some guidance on assigning, say Ctrl F12 to one of the buttons to re-center my TrackIR. It’s just not intuitive enough to figure out (at least for me, and I got decent at Foxy programming for my old Cougar). Someday I'll have time to dig and try to work it out. Maybe Joy2key is the answer.
  3. Chris P

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    I haven't gone beyond assigning buttons to actions in DCS, but I assume that you can also assign keystrokes to buttons on the Orion? I looked for some info, but documentation for SimApp Pro is pretty non-existant. Does anyone have a link to share?
  4. Has anyone had any luck mapping the heading and course knobs to work? Right now I just have have the push function to the left push to activate it. Can't find a way to use the twist knobs to change the values.
  5. Not really. They lock together fine, but one of the holes is offset so that the right side is slightly behind the left. If you look at them from above, the backs of each should line up, but they are slightly off. i may take it apart one more time tomorrow to see if I had something screwed in the wrong place, but I did a quick check when I noticed it the first time and it looked like it was assembled correctly.
  6. Just got mine yesterday. Have a couple of hours in DCS with it and it is much better than my 15 year old TM Cougar. Smooth and for the most part works out of the box. There are some switches that I can't figure out how to configure in DCS (hdg and crs buttons, and the parking brake..) but my only real beef is the SimAppPro is not really intuitive. I want to assign some keyboard commands to some buttons, which I think is the Virtual Device Mapping section and I just can't figure out what the program is asking me, and there is zero documentation included with it or online that I can find.
  7. Thanks for the info! I'm looking at the Monstertech center chair mount and figured I'd set it to drop down and get the extension for the most realism. Good luck with your stand!
  8. Does anyone know if the Super Libra stick extension works with the Orion? Says SL only, but didn't know if that just hadn't been updated on the website. TIA
  9. That's nice, but I work all day at this desk as well, so I'm really looking at the Monstertech chair mounts so I don't have to remove everything from the desk to work.
  10. Thanks! That's a big help. Was just starting to do some checking on the Monstertech stuff and glad to see a positive review. Now if FedEx will just get there with my Orion.....
  11. Thanks, I asumed that was the case, though actually coming from a 15 year-old TM Cougar. I'll prob just start with screw mount to my desk, but have been looking at the Monstertech chair mounts. Looks like a more comfortable solution than desk mounted; my arms get tired... ☺
  12. Just ordered my Orion and currently have a 1x12 across my corner desk space to give space for my old hotas. Has anyone used a different desk attachment than the suction cups? I doubt the raw wood will hold the cups. Anyone tried attaching a wider plate to the suction cup holes, sim to the warthog stick base? Want to have a plan when it gets here.... ;)
  13. They're definitely there after the last update.
  14. Thanks, I'll experiment a bit more and see if I can improve my hits.
  15. I finally figured out what was borked. I had the TDC depress set as a single keyboard press. Once I added the /H modifier to the command to hold it down, it works correctly.
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