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  1. Hello there, Recently I've read a new book written by our Polish (ex-military) pilot Marcin Modrzewski and got hyped for finally buying F16 DLC (which I was very resistant due to it's EA state ). Together with the plane comes the will to join a group of Polish players that concentrate mostly on flying F16s. Are there any active squadrons that could invite a total F16 noob like me? Kind regards, H. PS. I learn fast...more or less, not very young anymore, hehe
  2. Unfortunately it’s not that obvious, because SC preorder came (at least in my case) with free SU-33 module and despite not even touching the plane, Steam thinks I’ve already been playing SC module for more than 50hours since I’ve bought it, hehehe . If someone asked Steam support directly I suppose SC could be refunded, but I guess I’d have to prove I haven’t played SU-33... Oh well, let’s hope Supercarrier will blow everyone with it’s quality! (one can dream, right?)
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