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  1. I already did all you suggested 10 times. Nothing works so far. I even reinstalled the whole thing. dcs.log
  2. Someone said that they had cured crashing with the latest Nvidia driver. Well, not for me. It is crahing more than ever. ED, please do something about it, this is ridiculous.
  3. How do you set longer time?
  4. I also have a 9th gen cpu. One guy also said he did not have this issue with pascal gpu but ampere crashed. I also have ampere. Its weird.
  5. Is this issue being officially investigated? I see the "remove unofficial mods" tag but it is not the root of the issue.
  6. Reinstalled the entire game, no old user files in any folders and it keeps crashing.
  7. I am reinstalling the whole thing because this is ridiculous. Fingers crossed that it will help.
  8. My game keeps crashing a lot when loading missions despite the mentioned fixes.
  9. In that case, everything is fine then. Thank you for explanation
  10. I am positive, I just watched the video again, he explains the difference between manual, auto and bias. Watch the following video. Time 4:10
  11. It did. Its even in wags video. When you moved tdc cursor to the right, the scanned zone moved to the right as well, but no longer. I have not played for a few months so maybe it changed.
  12. Am I doing something wrong? When in TWS (manual mode), the scan will not follow the TDC cursor. It only moves when I press the tdc designate target button ( I think it is called TDC depress).
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