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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know what's sometimes happening, but when I'm cold starting the F18, sometimes it turns itself off. I've noticed that sometimes the throttle goes off out of the idle position, and it's not an issue with the mapping, as sometimes it happens with me not touching anything. Any idea of why could this be happening? Also, when in a tutorial mission, is there any way to skip the messages? I've repeated some of them several times and I would like to go faster, but I need to wait for the narrator to finish talking. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone. I'm assuming that the Thrustmaster F/A-18 stick is not compatible with the X56 HOTAS, right? but hasn't any 3D guru already modeled a 3D printable version of the stick to disassemble the X56 stick and mounting its "guts" on it? I don't think I have the skills to design it, I can only model quite basic designs in Fusion360, but I'm quite sure it should not be a supercomplicated thing for someone with the knowledge, and it would be much appreciated by the thousands of X56 users. Has anyone already done this? I haven't found anything.
  3. Hola. Vendido. Gracias por el interés.
  4. Vendo kit de TrackIR hecho por mi. Incluye: - PS3 Eye modificada con una capa de disquette + Driver - TrackIR con carcasa impresa en 3D, con batería interna, puerto para cargar a través de USB, interruptor de encendido y apagado y led indicador de encendido. - Opcional: Auriculares donde va montado el TrackIR. He trasteado un poco con ellos y el micro ahora mismo no funciona, pero estoy seguro que es cuestión de volver a soldarlo bien, con un poco de maña. Si no se quiere, puedo desmontarlo y enviar solo el TrackIR y la PS3 Eye. Funciona perfectamente. Lo vendo porque me paso a la VR. I
  5. Thank you LucShep. I don't want to change the processor, I was just wondering if I needed to. So the RAM update and GPU should be ok? It's mainly DCS, yes, though I'll probably play some other vr games from time to time.
  6. Thank you eracer1111. Not planning on changing the motherboard if I don't have to. Thoughts about the specs above? Ryzen 7 with B450 and a RTX 3080? does that make sense? is it needed? can I keep the Ryzen 5 and upgrade only the GPU or it will be too slow?
  7. Hi. I'm thinking about upgrading my current setup, as I would like to play DCS on VR and I believe it's a little bit short for that. I have: MSI B450 tomahawk max Ryzen 5 3500 2x8 Gb G.Skill Ripjaws 3600 (already ordered a new set so it will be 32 Gb) Geforce GTX 1070 Now that the new Nvidia cards are about to come out, I thought of purchasing one of them to accommodate the pc for VR. I was thinking of the 3080, which is a huge upgrade for a reasonable price, and for googles, I want the hp reverb, but I'm going to wait for the gen 2 which is also about to come out. My questions are:
  8. I'm going to go for the DIY option, as I'm not too bad at these kind of projects. Thank you Baaz
  9. May consider it for the future then. Thanks for the info. I'll start with the hat switches and see if I can get my hands on a tracIR device
  10. Yes, I need to create a signature with my rig. I just built a budget one, but I think it would do the trick (maybe with some mora RAM). - Tomahawk B450 Max - Ryzen 5 3600 - Ripjaws 16Gb (2x8Gb) 3600mhz - GeForce GTX 1070 G1 8Gb
  11. Thank you both. I've seen that the TrackIR is about $180? is it really worth it? you can go to a VR solution for just a bit more, can't you? what VR googles would you recommend?
  12. Hi. I'm about to receive my brand new Logitech X56, and I was wondering about the viewing around the cockpit. How do you usually look around (when not using VR, obviously)? When I tried the game with the keyboard and mouse to see how it looks like and getting familiarized with some of the commands, you do that with the mouse, of course, but I wouldn't expect to have to remove my hand from the joystick to move around the mouse. Can the viewing around the cockpit be linked to one of the small joysticks in the stick, like the C-stick in the handle?
  13. Hi. Can any administrator check out my user account? This is the only place in the forum I can post on.
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