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  1. It was on for me and I never turned it on. Never even knew it existed. Turning it off hasn't done away with the problem altogether but seems to happen less often.
  2. Cool, thanks for the detailed replies. i'll just stick with the 8600 for the moment, my wallet will thank me for it
  3. Thanks for the replies. I had worried that the 9900 might need a new MB also. It seems the 5600 has the best single core speeds but reviews vary. I have the 8600k OC'd to 4.7 and its doing pretty decent job but I'm always looking to improve the experience. I do have 32gb of 3200 ram so I dont think thats an issue. Might just wait and see.
  4. I just got a 3080 and now my bottleneck is my 8600k CPU. Which of these CPU's will give me the best VR performance in DCS.? They are roughly the same price now but obviously a new MB is required for the 5600x. Cheers
  5. No problem, hope it gets looked at.
  6. I keep having this problem in the Dora. I have attached a trk of a simple takeoff in SP. This might not be a perfect example as the enigne failed at full power but I had reduced the power for a few seconds just before the failure. The report said "timing error caused engine failure" D9 engine failure track.trk
  7. Ah, known issue I take it then. Thanks
  8. has anyone else experienced multiple pitot/static icing problems on the Dora? I was on the storm of war server yesterday and was climbing up to the bombers and my airspeed kept climbing. I was indicating 600kph at 8000m. After I descended it cleared. Next sortie the same thing. All my CB's were in before you ask. Seems to happen a lot on the dora which seems ridiculous for a bomber interceptor!
  9. I have an i5 8600k processor. Will this bottleneck my system if I get a 2080ti to run a G2?
  10. I like many have spent what I consider a lot of money on WWII aircraft, maps and modules recently. I love the game but the bugs that seem to be dating back months or years in WWii planes are not being fixed. All the effort is going it seems to modern era. Like myself it seems on the WWII servers more of the players are older than the modern guys. This means we don't normally complain on forums etc, that doesn't mean we are not pissed off. We talk with our feet. These guys won't complain, they will just leave or stop buying dodgy modules. If the squeaky wheel gets the oil, then you are ignori
  11. When you press the extend button for the flaps there is a motor noise. Sounds just like in the mustang. I thought the flaps were purely mechanical? Is this something else?
  12. Ok, thats concerning. If I can get 40-60 fps at medium to high settings I would be satisfied. Were you able to achieve this?
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