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  1. Thanks Zildac I’ll check it out !
  2. Thank you monk wolf, much appreciated!
  3. Hi guys, finally got my hands on a HP Reverb G2 VR and I am wondering if there are any good tutorials out there for setting it up with DCS. I am after some tips on how to have my settings like, resolution display and pixel density etc to improve FPS. Any help would be much appreciated. RIG. I7 9700K, RTX 2080TI, 32GB RAM
  4. Thank you Gary, I will have a look into that.
  5. Hi guys, I am investing In a flight sim play seat and was wondering if you guys can recommend a good keyboard and mouse stand. thanks in advance
  6. Thanks DBurne. I have a decent rig too with 2080TI. I wasn’t that impressed with the smoothness of the RIFT S, I found my FPS was always pretty low!
  7. Hi guys, I am thinking of upgrading my RIFT S to a HP REVERB G2. I am wondering if it’s worth the money and what the performance is like? Also I am open to advice from other head sets too. Thanks
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  9. Hi guys; I’m currently on mission 2 of the Ottoman Courier campaign and I am at the range trying to bomb targets with MK82 in auto mode. I find the targets issued from the JTAC no problem. But how do I target designate the target on the TPOD and the slew it to the HSI so I can target designate it on there to release the bombs? Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi guys does the AV8B have the function to automatically change waypoints like the HSI in the Hornet ? If so, how do you do it? Also when taking off from a wet runway do you have the “RDRY” column mark or in marked as the training mission wasn’t very clear. Thank you
  11. No I haven’t got a way point designated. In the training mission it doesn’t say you have to do this. Thank you for the guidance.
  12. Hi guys, so I am just learning to fly the Harrier and in the laser guided tutorial by DCS I contact playboy (JTAC) and he lazes a target for me. My hud finds the laser no problem. I am having issues dropping the bomb after the laser has been found. I am CCRP mode Auto. Master arm is on. A to Ground mode is on. I have set up the bomb. Fuze etc..... but when running into the target there is no bomb fall line in the HUD? Should there be one or am I missing something ? Thanks for any help
  13. Thanks guys; I will try both methods and see if I have any joy
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