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  1. Hi, The hidden function is not working on stable v2.7.9.18080. Thanks, Vincent
  2. vctpil

    VRP/VIP issue

    Thank you! The team is doing a very great job with DCS.
  3. Hi, Maybe a possibility to remove or forbid the presency of civil vehicles in a zone with a trigger zone. I think about Nellis in operation area removed from all civil vehicles but still present in Las vegas. Thanks, Vincent
  4. vctpil

    VRP/VIP issue

    Hi, I am lucky to fly in a company with some former F-16 guys, also playing DCS, and we have some discussion about VRP/VIP. 1. They used to set VRP/VIP on the ground in navigation mode. In DCS, rhis can be done in A-G CCRP mode. Is it intended regarding the F-16 version in DCS? 2. When you are approaching the VRP point to verify the position and you want to slew the VRP to fine tune, the slew become very sensitive as you are approaching the point. In some cases, the sensitivity was so high that the VRP was very far from its original position. So, is VRP/VIP need refinement/correction? Thanks, Vincent
  5. Hi, Anyone from ED interested by this bug? Thanks, Vincent
  6. Mission, tracks and screenshot attached. Vincent. Radio call add F-16 test.trk Radio call add FA-18 test.trk Test.miz
  7. Hi, When I use ADD RADIO ITEM FOR GROUP, the radio item appears for any group. If I use ADD RADIO ITEM FOR GROUP (F-16), the radio item appears also for F/A-18 and UH-1H Huey. Thanks to confirm the bug, Vincent
  8. I just tried with engine shutdowned, and it works, on airport and FARPS. I am feeling stupid right now! But that sound so logical. Strangely, one of my friend having the Huey told me that he can refuel and rearm with engines running. I will check with him. SP and MP.
  9. Hi, I tried to refuel and rearm at Andersen airbase from a new fresh mission, no mod, with and without supply vehicles. Nothing is happening. Track attached for those two cases. I tried also in Nellis, without success. I am on stable v2.7.7.15038. Thanks, Vincent Huey no units.trk Huey with units.trk
  10. Hi, I just bought the UH-1H to benefit the autumn sales waiting for the AH-64D, and I can't refuel or rearm. That is really disappointing. Any solutions so far? Thanks, Vincent
  11. Hi, I tried to use the UH-IH on a FARP with all elements required, but I can't get the heli to rearm of refuel. The M818 does not exist anymore, maybe it is the reason? Anybody has an issue with the FARP now? Thanks, Vincent
  12. Hi, Here's the exemple in attached. You may observed three things : 1. My mistake, the hold function seem to works 2. The two southern units are moving toward the n°1 at the start of the mission 3. The n°1 unit seems to turntoward the waypoint when the trigger is active, but does not move to the waypoint Thanks, Vincent Test.miz
  13. More precisely, the n°1 of a group hold the position, but all other units part of this group join the n°1 until a trigger allow the group to move. I would like that each unit hold the position. Is it possible in DCS? Thanks, Vincent
  14. Hi, I tried to setup a group that hold its initial position until 50% of that group is dead, and then go to a waypoint to simulate a retreat. The problem is the group does not hold the initial position. If I don't do anything, all units of the group hold the position but if I insert a hold function, there are moving toward the number 1! Is there a bug with the hold function ? Thanks, Vincent Sorry, stable v2.7.7.15038
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