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  1. I've read and viewed conflicting reports about flying the P47 and that's the first to say to come in low. Most I've seen have been about starting high and slow when on final and crabbing to have a runway picture. Personally I find it easy to do either standard pattern work or the crab approach and kicking the tail back in line before a 3 point landing. I think however that the struts lack any sort of dampening and the aircraft bottoms out far too easily. I've tested this with a power on and power off approach and both end in the same result where the struts simply just collapse. The only way to grease a 3 point I've found is to continue to fly the aircraft all the way until lift is completely lost at a steady rate.
  2. Since we're on about DC-3's and their exhausts, here's one that we steam cleaned and performed engine run-up's on earlier this year. The stuttering is from performing a mag-check where one of the magnetos were a little wet causing little to no spark. A good set of speakers with good bass is needed:
  3. I'm not concerned about using the radio itself, but being able to add/remove fuel, change liveries, and add smoke pods. There is no work around for that as far as I'm concerned. I should've never purchased this and I'm considering creating a ticket for a refund. Pretty unacceptable.
  4. Reported 6 months ago and a key feature shared by all modules doesn't work here??
  5. Had this same issue the other night after purchase. Loaded a few skins and cockpit textures to change to English, and loaded up the sim to the aerobatic server. Pressing "" doesn't bring the menus up at all so there's no way to access the payload/fuel/skins with ground control.
  6. That's quite interesting. I've never had to give it a shot while starting, usually a slow roll from cutoff to AR will just cause it to light up. I wonder if you do have to add it during start, that if you latch, unlatch, and latch again if it will fix the issue. Similar to how either the oil cooler or intercooler cowls would not be able to move until you moved the switch both ways.
  7. I'm not sure what to say to this really... For my eyesight it is no different than looking outside at a moving car and watching their wheels rotate. The situation when viewed from a moving car looking at another vehicle traveling the same speed is an even better indication, as when the viewed car increases or decreases speed a noticeable effect of the wheel rotation can be viewed. To put another example in place, this time aviation related, the spinner cap of most large high-bypass turbine engines incorporate some sort of swirl mark to signify rotation of the fan. It is obvious to see when the fan is stationary, but also when at idle speeds, accelerating, or decelerating. In the sim, I'm not seeing any effect that is outside of what I have mentioned. There is no flickering of a prop, or rolling shutter effects like you are describing. I'd advise you to actually look up some of these effects and compare them with the sim, as either you are uninformed about how camera sensors capture footage of propellers and rotating objects or you are having your own texture issues within the sim different to that of how it is intended.
  8. Again, this is also untrue to a certain degree. At taxi speeds the air flow over control surfaces is not great enough to affect directional control of the aircraft. I don't recall ever seeing a recip powered aircraft on a soft field able to move around while at prop rpm less than run-up levels without the need of differential braking or nose-wheel steering.
  9. Not sure how much experience you have around actual recip engines but they definitely are visible; whether up close or opposite ends of a runway, both the warning tips and the blades themselves can be easily seen as is replicated in the sim.
  10. I use to run it connected but haven't lately. Been taking off at 42" and that's plenty to get off the ground in time. Anything above 42" while connected during takeoff makes things squirrely and RPM fluctuates too greatly. Above 5k feet though I'll mash power forwards and connect the boost and slowly retard back to a suitable power level and keep applied until on a downwind leg.
  11. While I am an A&P, I haven't worked on a P47 but typically carb heat is just taken from the engine heat produced within the cowling and routed via scat tubing into the air inlet for the carburetor. Most carb ice is found on the back side of the throttle valve in the carburetor where low pressure will cause a drop in temperature, causing water molecules to stick. In the cockpit, the port side lever left of the seat is what controls this valve to allow the ducted hot air into the carb intake. Typically for most recip engines during run-up you'll check for allowable RPM for both mags, carb heat, and if a constant speed prop check the governor. I was surprised to see carb heat not mentioned but did not know if it is that significant of a drop in performance for the D.Wasp.
  12. Should start itself and move the controls to have a successful engine start. I'd make sure that your throttle and mixture controls have a good deadzone where tiny movement when zeroed out won't kill the motor.
  13. Still had this issue pop up last night on the aerobatic server. Set QFE and was on final for Sochi, airspeed dropped to zero and picked up again roughly 1200 agl.
  14. I thought the water pressure gauge is the one on the right? And vacuum on the left?
  15. +1 for louder flywheel please! And while we're at it, is there any chance to make the startups a little bit more prolonged? I've gotten to work on a few radials in my short time as an A&P (R985 and R1830s) and haven't come across one that has started up as easily as the ones in game. That's quite a bad example dude... You picked one that was obviously washed out from the departing aircraft.
  16. To set: Pull parking brake and hold - Push brakes with toes to charge - remove feet from brakes - release parking brake. Your parking brake should hold its position, if not slightly retract back by about 1/8". To release: Push brakes with toes - pull parking brake and hold - remove feet from brakes - release parking brake. I don't own pedals but do own the T1600m hotas. The #3 button on the stick is my both wheel brake buttons and I have left/right brakes set on the hotas on the front of the throttle on the individual buttons. Works good for only having to tap brakes as well as having the #1 button as the tail wheel lock to take care of all of my taxing.
  17. While I agree with all of the evidence here as well as personal experience, the exterior view is also seemingly quiet too. For the F1 cockpit view however, I'm flying with the "helmet volume" checkbox left blank, and the P47 is the only aircraft that I need to do this in. That coupled with increasing my system volume up about 10% (not the DCS main volume slider) relative to what I fly everything else at, will give me a suitable sound to carry things out with. If overall volume received roughly a 10-15% boost that would be great.
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