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  1. Is there anything I can do about the FF bug that I am doing wrong or something. I heard this bug happens whenever you change sides then when you take off the AI SAM launches at you. The problem is sometimes I get this bug as soon as I log in to a server and I make sure I not change sides at all and I still get shot at. I heard if you let the SAM kill u, u will be safe but next time I take off again and it still shooting at me and killing me multiple times. Is it goes maybe I chose RED several days ago and then log onto same server as BLUE and then the friendly SAM shooting at me? What can
  2. This is by no means an attempt to highjack this thread, but I think there is also some other problems with missiles and people cheating. Last week I was flying online on S77th server and was engaging an F-15 while flying a Flanker we were both under 1000m at a range over 128km. All of a sudden he fires AMRAMM at me at this range and I was way still way out of range of using R27ER. I could not figure out why he shoot at me at this range as no way he could hit. I still turn away at over 100km range to put missile on my 9 position and he also turn away. All of a sudden I see my RWR strength
  3. Agreed 100% GGTharos. Also there is the issue of play balance online. Put a few uber planes in the game and the next you know everyone will be flying around in the SU37 and F-22. We need more older planes for more variety. I'd even like to see the Mirage 2000 modeled, not like I'm a big fan of it but at least it would be a completly new set of weapon systems and radar to deal with rather than just the American and Russian goodies. We all know that new SU25 is next, and then the Ka50 and whatever else is after that well I guess is up to ED.
  4. I haven't read throught the entire website, but as far as I can tell this product is just a 3d rendering world engine that one could license. It's not a simulator in the sense that it is a playable game or simulation of a particular aircraft. So a company could license the graphics engine but then would have to program all the AI as well as the flight model, etc. So even though they are getting high fps the CPU isn't doing the AI. It's not what some people think it is. It's a good comparison yes, but it's not a military simulator it's just a graphics engine.
  5. thanks. guess i'll have to wait until 1.2 - lol :lol: :lol:
  6. Been playing LOMAC online since release but never really got into the F-15 until now. I read in the book that you can use something like 1,2,4 or 8 bar scan on the radar but can't seem to figure out how to change it. It always seems to stay on 4 bar scan. Thanks - I'm sure I'll have more questions as I start to learn this bird. You guys were really helpful when I was learning the Mig and the Flanker.
  7. Grayghost, The problem I run into is that I do try and get very high to engage F-15 like 12000 meters+, but the problem is that I can't get a lock on him until we are very close due to ground clutter\jamming cause F-15 is flying lower. By the time I get lock I am already in range to AMRAMM and he either gets first shot or we fire so close together it's a mutual kill.
  8. Well, I like the Mig the best, but I'm trying to learn the Flanker now. I think it's really hard to beat a good F-15 pilot online. I'm not crying that I want the R27-EA or whatever it's called, I just want to know how you guys beat those F-15s online. I can easily beat the AI on expert, but human opponents are much more difficult. Mostly I've been hiding in mountains using EOS to try and sneak up on them or I try and pick on F-15s that are engaged with another friendly. Otherwise I just can't beat them 1 on 1 in a head on engagement. Yes, I've read and read about F-POLE and missile b
  9. I'm by no means a know it all expert, but you can beat the F-15 easily with the R27RE, you just need a huge F-Pole advantage. The AI F-15 on expert can be beaten pretty easy. Human online opponents are much more difficult. I've seen a lot of people online using the "barrel roll" missile evasion technique. I've heard this is a cheat\bug in the network code that the missiles can't track a plane barrel rolling. But I've also read that this is a real life technique. Who knows??? Usually, if I catch them barrel rolling my missiles I just switch to EOS and when they stop barrel rolling I get
  10. I'd also love to see Mig-21/23 flyable, heck as many different flyables as possible would be great. However, it would be great to have the Mirage 2000-5 as flyable - mainly because it's an entire new and different weapons set that would be incorporated into the sim for us - i.e. - MICA, 550, Magic missiles etc. It would make online fights a lot more fun and interesting because of the different missiles. Just my opinion.
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