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    New Map

    Would love a northern Italy map for the P-47. From the Airfield in Pontedera up to the Brenner pass. Ive been reading Tail end charlie, and would love to recreate a few of his missions, dodging flak around Verona and hunting down trains resupplying the enemy front line.
  2. Random Failures is off for me, Seems to only happen with pitot heat on at the moment on the channel map.
  3. %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/IW2UHZh.jpg[/img]
  4. Bmh152abc


    Might be a lot to ask, but I’d love to see a Razorback version in the future.
  5. Yea definitely the indicator, today I actually had the opposite effect happen. So I climbed and noticed it’s was bugging out again so I dove, and the indicator dropped even though I was screaming through the air, I checked tacview after and it showed a speed loss during the climb and speed gain during the dive as you would expect. I just don’t know if maybe this is something the indicator would do in the real aircraft due to the pressure? Maybe you have to let it equalize after steep climbs and dives? Or maybe just a good ol fashion bug.
  6. I’ve noticed while flying straight and level at about 10,000ft if I suddenly climb at roughly 2000fps that my airspeed indicator will increase and get “stuck” at about 400. All other systems were set to normal, pitot heat was on. In some cases it would recover it’s functionality. P.S. I love this aircraft! Great job!!
  7. In anticipation for the P47 iv been reading this manual and watched a few Army Air Force training videos and figured id share them here. Enjoy, Happy flying!:thumbup: P-47 AAF Manual.pdf
  8. I love it. Got my 12 traps, got a little sea sick at the LSO platform in VR and I couldn't be happier.
  9. With all my new free time I decided to make a video that looked like it was filmed during WWII, it’s been quite fun! Looking forward to the P47
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