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  1. For anyone else reading this thread...I can confirm what Hedgehog was saying, at least in my 2.7 setup (I have not done any prior modification to the default lua.) In my Main Directory (not saved games folder) Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/Input/FA-18C/joystick/default.lua file, lines 461-463 look like this: You will note that the LIGTHS typo exists on lines 462 and 463, and that the discrete CARRIER and FIELD control commands are already present in the .lua. Once I fixed the typo on these two lines, I was able to get normal function of the switch by binding th
  2. Oh, they guided alright. All three of them. Better than against any SAM lol. Poor SWOs, never knew what hit 'em.
  3. Hey Feetwet! CVW-8 has closed Hornet recruiting for CAT 1 students...but we are considering applications for guys who have some of the basics already down. We are U.S.based with operations anchored to EST time. We are a U.S. Navy mil-sim Carrier Air Wing with F/A-18C and F-14 operational squadrons. I am the skipper of VFA-87 and in charge of Hornet operations within the Wing. Our culture places a high emphasis on camaraderie and team work...please give our site a look and see if we might be the kind of group you are looking for - looking forward to hearing from you. https://cvw-8.enjin
  4. Facebook Group for VFA-87 https://www.facebook.com/groups/278111486831663/?ref=bookmarks
  5. **UPDATE** The War Party is still seeking experienced F/A-18C Hornet pilots that are looking for a group of like-minded teammates who enjoy simulating tactically accurate representations of U.S. Naval aviation operations. Our Fleet Replacement Squadron VFA-106 is currently closed to additional CAT 1 (brand new) Hornet pilots, but we have a CAT Many refresh program that provides a fast-track to the Fleet for those pilots who are proficient in basic tactical execution to include aerial refueling, Case 1 pattern, and basic weapons employment (AIM-120, AIM-9X, TGP operations, HARM, and JDAM employ
  6. Copy thanks...I may try it again, but I saw the same issue with the screen res getting all dicked up. I did find that the DCS Hornet Device app by ihopi (it's in the app store) worked great for me. His setup was much smoother for me and detected the iPad immediately. Working AMPCD and UFC right on the iPad...awesome.
  7. Any chance someone using this app can help me with setup? Can’t seem to get the iPad to detect the server.
  8. I figured out how to get the Hornet grip excluded...add this line to Gizzy's profile, where all the other exclusion lines are at the top: Configure(JoystickF18, MODE_EXCLUDED); And boom, runs just like it does with my Warthog stick on there. GTG, but sounds like you already got that other one working for you, so that's awesome!
  9. Hey Wolf! So, I can see where that PULSE coding was screwing up the first profile...the switch activation seemed too fast, I think that definitely was the problem with my throttles and eng start buttons in the Tiger II. That said, Gizzy's profile was working 4.0 for me, so I'm not sure what the difference between your and my setups are. BUT...I'm about to start mapping the Hornet so I can start learning that bird, so we'll see if my throttles will work correctly using the Gizzy profile. Hopefully they will still work for me. I did end up having write in an exclusion line for my TFRP ped
  10. Okay, one more time with the file. gizzys-profile.zip
  11. In my happiness, forgot to attach the file. Here you go!
  12. Alright Wolf, I GOT IT! Gizzy's profile is the shit. It does everything you want it to do on the throttle. IDLEON IDLEOFF works, the engine start buttons stay pressed as long as you want...everything f-ing works. It's amazing. Check out the files in the zip. I don't use the .bat, I just dropped his .tmc file into my scripts folder and ran it. Once in-game, you have to map things a little weird to get the three position and throttle idle positions to work. Gizzy uses R-Shift as his modifier in the script. So, for instance, when you map the Speed Brake switch in the F-5 like I'm d
  13. Hey Wolf, So, I was messing with it last night and saw some of the same stuff. The engine start switches were being actuated, but the throttles are an issue, because with the DX script, it only assigns a DX switch to the position behind the detent, when you drop them in for engines off. When you take them out, there is no DX command, so you can't map them in the IDLE position. I actually WAS able to engine light off using the engine start button and moving the throttle all the way up and back...but that's not what I want. Also, a gotcha with the engine start switches...because they are s
  14. Okay Wolf here you go... Credit for this one goes to both Sedenion and ReflexArc as they each created one of these useful scripts... Save both the attachments to your desktop and rename them by deleting the .txt at the end of each file. Place BOTH files in your Thrustmaster /TARGET/scripts folder Open TARGET Script Editor and Open WarthogThrottleALLSwitchPos.tmc Run the script... Assuming no errors on loading, you will now see a Thrustmaster virtual device in your control settings in DCS, in addition to the physical throttle. To avoid any cross control inputs, ensure you cle
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