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  1. Hi There, was the Raven Skin added at some point? Checked user files etc. Many thanks for the awesome campaign ended up picking up all 3 of the audio book versions of the Raven one series Ok ignore this was looking for VFA 64 just saw it under VFA 400 in my huge long list of skins in Mission Editor.
  2. I Know i see errors when trying to add the tip effect on the wing tip connector FLOW_001/002 Added the two connectors named FLOW_001 and FLOW_002 and in Custom Attribute TYPE="connector"; but get error message connector not found even though I can see the connectors in MV. Same goes for the dust on wheels for touch down.
  3. The saddest news I have seen in a while see their discord for latest info....
  4. Latest version of the tools for 3ds max 2017
  5. Just had new helper appear in 3DS max, Did not create it myself any ideas?
  6. Howzzat


    Ok so have found some awesome references after digging through for most things now just need to work on the animations for wolding wings like hornet etc.
  7. Yup Confirmed I had to reinstall my old 2017 for this to work
  8. Nice I have a few of mine in Condor 2 :thumbup:
  9. Howzzat


    I come from a 3D modelling Background, is there any hierarchy or naming convention needed example for flaps, airbrakes, folding wings (especially) I work in 3DS Max (2017) so have the edm exporter installed. Just want to make sure I have everything set up properly. Many thanks in advance
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