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  1. I've stopped playing because of this, It's terrible
  2. this prevented me from going to beta, and now it's in stable too. it's fugly, I've stopped playing
  3. 2 tracks, both landing in the same flat field in Crimea, both aircraft no weapons, 40% fuel. no use of brakes. The A10 didnt even damage steering BTW. A10 field landing.trk Su25 field landing.trk
  4. Ok, sorry for using "off-road" unable to think of a better word better word, "off pavement" handling is more of what I meant. Also the Su-25 manual says it was designed for "unimproved" strips rather than "unprepared". So maybe I got a bit enthusiastic there in what I wanted to ask for, but still in the state it is in now it is relatively more fragile than other aircraft, which can't be accurate for what this plane is supposed to be. Definitely the gear modeled now is incapable of the takeoff in the video and picture I supplied in the first post
  5. This has probably been discussed already, but I just want to express my frustration in the brittleness of the landing gear of the Su-25 / Su-25T and its inability to move over grass even when empty. My frustration in it is compounded by the fact that the real plane is even designed to have tougher than normal landing gear and was was specifically required the ability to take off/land in ill prepared dirt/grass fields by Russian Air Force as a front line attack aircraft (along w/ the ability to run on diesel). It would have been less frustrating if it were made to be just the same with othe
  6. Hi. After a long discussion with members of a multiplayer group, this is what agreed upon as a feature that will enable creation of a balanced scenario without affecting accessibility. For example if we want to create a pre-1991 "cold war" scenario, we wish to be able to filter out post-1991 weapons (no JDAMs, AMRAAMs, JSOWs, AIM-9X, R77, late Mavericks variants), while still allowing use of F18C lot 20 and F16CM. We think that such an option being separate from the current aircraft/equipment historical filter is important because we want to still maximize access for users with only one or a
  7. couldn't quite make it happen today. I really wonder now what was causing it then (the SU-25s taxiing before my flight of MiGs). Anyway, am I correct to say that Triple Buffering should not even be doing anything to DCS since it's nor OpenGL?
  8. Ive taken note of the suggestions here, Thanks! will produce the tracks (granting this will happen again, will also inform if my conclusion is false). Sorry that I had limited PC hours this week..
  9. I want to do this to the second screen of an omen x 2s, just keep it focused on one part of the cockpit like the skval scope on the Su25T
  10. it doesnt seem to be happening anymore since 2.5.6
  11. Weird observation i was able to replicate many times when experimenting with fast sync and vsync. I was using a mission in "over the hump" Mig29S campaign (the 2nd I think) where there is a flight of Su-25T that will conduct SEAD against SA-11s to test for smoothness of the settings. For some strange reason the Su-25s move and taxi ahead of my flight (causing collisions with my wingmen too) when Im on normal vsync and without triple buffering (triple buffering off). when in fast sync or vsync+triple buffer, they behave as supposed to, taxiing only after my flight. I've replicated it again and
  12. I can't find anything similar reported, but this one is rather easy to replicate. Fire a few unguided rockets (don't expend all) then go straight to A2A mode and lock on to something. When you fire, the sidewinders fire like rockets - instantly, no button holding required, and in pairs too. sometimes one sidewinder kills the other. it's funky. Could be avoided by going to nav mode from A2G before going to A2A.
  13. Yeah! Thank you, I thought no one would ever do this for me! So it is the same one. The only other campaign I finished is Mig 29 "the hump"
  14. I noticed just today that it is actually there in the edge but your face will have to be a lot closer to the HUD than the cockpit default position to see it, which is pretty hard for somebody with no IR tracker or VR like me. Yea, this could be a bug
  15. Can somebody please be so kind to post (or PM me, so as not to spoil it for others) a screenshot of the Su-25T Georgian campaign win picture and message? I just finished the last mission with near 100 success rate, but the loading forever bug happened when I ended it. I just found out the campaign is done when I restarted DCS, and I feel like I didn't get the full sense of achievement / satisfaction out of it having missed the win message and pic. Those 23 missions were pretty grueling, a few times I got home with one or even both engines out. This would really be a great big favor for me.
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