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  1. I am having the same problem, the follow me vehicle just stops before the runway and no more instructions are given. The follow me vehicle used to taxi onto the runway for lineup and instruction were given for takeoff.
  2. I just wanted to add that I am seeing the same Big Black Box over most of the screen and never noticed it before until today. I just started flying 2.7 at night using the F/A-18 off the Supper Carrier and notice the big black box while climbing out from the carrier. It was a night mission (5:30AM) and I think the box came and went about three times during the mission. I trying to figure out if it has something to do with flying at night and what forced it to go away. I think I hit the F-10 Map and then came back. RTX 2080, Ryzen 3970X Threadripper, 128 GP RAM,
  3. I have this headset for about a year and I have been very happy with its sound quality and comfort. I also use it with the Sennheiser Epos GSX 1000 audio amplifier, which provides outstanding simulated 7.1 sound in the head phones.
  4. I remember the PAPI lights at Batumi used to be very bright. Is it possible that 2.7 or something else could have caused them to become a little less bright. I can barely see them. The further out they get a little brighter they become but are still pretty dim.
  5. I noticed that the Launch Crew will not launch me unless it launches all the AI aircraft on the deck first. This happens in a single player mission I built. Once the AI aircraft are launched the ground crew starts working my aircraft. There are no returning aircraft returning to the carrier, so I'm not sure that it's between cycles. Not sure it worked this way prior to 2.7.
  6. Both the F/A-18 and F-16C have a little diamond in the center of the Control Indicator (R-Ctrl-Enter) indicating what I believe is the current trim settings of the aircraft (Roll & Pitch). I understand that both these aircraft are fly-by-wire and I thought that the Control Indicator would react the same way. What I am seeing is the Trim Diamond in the F-16C moves in response to the trim controls (Pitch & Roll). The F/A-18C is different, I see no moment from the diamond at all but a little tick mark on Control Indicator axis appears to move even though the Trim Diamond remains motionles
  7. Yes that happened to me a few months ago, when I had to plug my stick into a different USB port. I since updated the firmware to 2021012 and when I unplugged my stick to add my new throttle (CM3) and then added the stick back all the key bindings where all still there in DCS.
  8. I would think on case II or III you would not get this option for two reasons: first your already talking to app and they have identified you on radar and know your position and second, due to weather you might not necessary be able to see the ship.
  9. Aim9 L and M can be fired without uncaging the missile, but you would have to keep the target in the center of the Hud until you fire the missile. I believe the advantage to uncaging the seeker head is to allow it to self track the target's heat source and this way you don't have to keep it in boresight where the reticle remains in the middle. This way your free to maneuver. Anyone else want to shed some light on this. One thing I wanted to add is that the reason I sometimes uncage is that I am not in range of the missile yet and I want to be able to maneuver without having to keep
  10. He went though the sound barrier and now he's gone through the next barrier. He probably broke that record as well . "God speed Chuck."
  11. Thank you AvroLanc that is great help now that I know what it is. Regards, Feetwet
  12. I’m asking the same question what is the big cross symbol on the radar now that was not there before? can anyone answer i see nothing in the manual. ‘thanks, Feetwet
  13. Thank you it works just fine it was me. Feetwet
  14. I have tried many times to set the toe brakes by holding them down and pulling the brake handle only to find that the brakes just release. Once in a while I get them to work, but their is nothing I am doing different. I tried pulling the hydraulic handled a few times as someone suggested to get a little hydraulic pressure in the system, but this does not help either. Is there something I might be doing wrong? I have set brakes in an actual aircraft like a Cessna 172 where you step on the toe brakes then pull the handle and release the handle and toe brake stay set. Not sure what I am doing wro
  15. I'm having the same problem again and I thought I'd completely gotten rid of it on my new machine three months ago by running a process called debloating my machine. It completely got rid of it and the frame rate was as smooth as silk. The problem has come back and it has something to do with Brother Printer company remote logging into my machine and trying to figure out why I my printer stop working or a windows update. They wanted to charge me $100 to reinstall some Frame work and I said no and when he logged out I loaded DCS and all the stuttering was back. I don't know if it had something
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