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  1. Computers - can render anything they want to. So why not RW? Bowie I use the default [Enter] setting. Bowie
  2. Do it once - do it Right. Can't wait. Merry Christmas. Bowie
  3. 8>) Merry Christmas. Bowie
  4. Can stand in the road in front of my office, and look down it to an elevated highway exactly 1.25 miles away. Can distinguish motorcycles, compact from full size automobiles, including color. Can almost read the writing on the side of a semi-tractor trailer. Could distinguish type and attitude of a War-Bird fighter easily as well. In DCS it's a speck. Bowie
  5. Mission Debrief - Hit/Round/Type/Number Info... ...was removed with the latest? update. This feature is sorely missed. In War Birds, It provides not only the quantity, but the quality of hits used/needed to knock down particular A/C. Hit counts in the 20's meant good shooting, hit counts in the 60's meant sloppy shooting. If possible, please bring it back. Thanks. Bowie
  6. That may be. But never had to zoom CFS2. 3-5 mi. was still a discernible A/C. A speck at a mile just isn't right. Have flown through furballs that were just a few thousand feet above or below me, and was not able to see them. Had to use the map/altitude cheat. Bowie
  7. I'm gettin' about 1.4 miles on a warbird w/ 4K. Should be 2-5 miles. Bowie
  8. Well... That would have to be the Bf 109 K-4. ... because they are tough to beat in the P-51D. Bowie
  9. Like the sound of that. See people zooming all the time on vids, like cyborgs. Call that cheating. But a visual range of 1.4 miles on a warbird isn't right, either. Bowie
  10. The inflight burning engine smoke is twice what the burning fuel is. Just make it more persistent, say 15 seconds instead of 5. Bowie
  11. Yes. Need somethin' to feed the F4U-1D Corsair. 8>) Bowie
  12. Not sure if this is the same issue or not - but the aircraft are not visible (w/o zooming in) past ~ 1.4 miles. Fly mostly War Birds on Realistic, and I don't use labels. (nor am I a cyborg w/ zoom-able eyeballs, so I don't use that function, either) The 28" 4K monitor should render War Birds visible at 3-5 miles. I use the 1x [Enter] key as default. Same problem? Thanks. Bowie
  13. A more persistent burning smoke trail, say, 10-15 seconds, instead of the current, what, five? TIA. Bowie
  14. First off, Thanks for your recent addition of IA Missions. But IA/Quick Combat - is probably over 50% of my DCS flying, especially in the War Birds. If there is 30 minutes free - that is how it is spent - honing my skills against the Dora. A One-on-one for the Bf 109 K-4 and Fw 190 A-8 would be greatly appreciated as well. And maybe Two-on-one and Two-on-two for that matter. IA/Quick Combat is the Octagon when it comes to War Bird ACM. Decades of CFS2 taught us that. Thanks. B/RE:
  15. To the point that he is not used. Yes, please. Bowie
  16. This is my gripe. Running 28" 3840 × 2160 (4K) monitor and [Enter] zoom setting. (Will zoom to read gauges) While everything is sweet in a boil - detection on merges at similar altitudes is ~ 1.5 miles, and maybe 2.25 mi. in the plan view. Which means a 5,000 ft difference in elevation of a grey plane in a grey sky, or a green camo plane over the bocage of Normandy, is all but invisible. The grey NZG A/C will sometimes disappear just on the zoom climb. Find it necessary to use the map to intercept or reengage if drawn away. Flew w/o labels for decades w/ CFS2, and
  17. Will buy a Mk VIII Spit. Will only buy a Mk VIII Spit. Bowie
  18. When the music stops - the P-51D Prop Does Not Automatically Feather. Should it? Or was that just for multi-engine. Thanks. Bowie
  19. Generally fire when the curves cross. And in a rolling scissors, that is generally a short opportunity window. Unless the setup is sweet, like on the way up a zoom climb, and his wingman isn't lining up on you, a one second burst is a long time. And a few short ranging bursts on a 300 yard deflection shot, followed by the hammer, is pretty efficient and effective. Short bursts also keep the guns cool and accurate. Close only seems to work for me if I fly one wing's guns right up his tail. And, as the aforementioned mission illustrates, a short burst can and will
  20. Tend to agree. Cannon fire seems to announce itself, but invulnerably, I will notice control or trim changes, gun malfunctions, or the dreaded prop failure, and then be greeted by a peppered, burning, or missing wing to indicate machine gun hits. Being kind of busy at the time, some obvious indicator would be appreciated. Even if it's auditory. Thanks. Bowie
  21. Had an interesting evening w/ the above QC mission. Got cleaned Eight straight times. On the Ninth run, we wiped them out. Realized that: - If I pull up the "Arm and Re-fuel" window at the end of the mission, I can get a percent ammo load remaining. - The mission debrief has the number and type of rounds "hit". On this mission, I concentrated on firing a little longer bursts, in the 0.5-1.0 second range. (vs. the multiple 0.25-0.5 second "snap" shots.) Got Five(5) kills - All Bf 109's, #1: 48 hits. #2: 26 hits. #3: 52 hits. #4: 57 hits. #5: 12 hits. (right into th
  22. Depends... The Spit Mk IX was fielded in the middle of '42. The 109 F-4 was fielded in the middle of '41, and the G-1 the middle of '42. Wasn't 'till Spring of '43 that the G-6 "Die Beule" began to show up. Think an F-4 or G-1 would factor in nicely to the current DCS Warbird stable. Bowie
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