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  1. So i dont know if there is problems between the 2 but from what i know they should both work perfectly, and yes if you and your buddys are on a frequency and you speak they will hear you as long as you on that freq. SRS is such an amazing tool for flight simmers in DCS. Makes it very realistic, regarding your question with hot mic or ptt. You can choose in you SRS settings. If you ever need help setting up SRS message me on discord and i can help regards Ethan
  2. Hey sorry if my response may not be what you looking for, so you have 2 options with the small server. You can host one yourself but that puts a lot of stress on your PC if you flying with other people like 4+ for example or you can find a small server to join that doesn't have a lot of players. You can avoid hosting on your PC but then you would probably need to pay a server provider and then you dont have to host off your pc but a PC built to host games like DCS in a large scale. Regarding your question with talking to others and flying, SRS is the best way to go in any situation with com
  3. I know this is a random question but i want to see what everyone wants for some reason if i could have one AI in dcs ww2 it would for sure be the HE-111 whats yours?
  4. Dont most carriers in the Nimitz class only have 3 wires? If so will we get a carrier with 3 wires?
  5. dont think you can shoot from periscope depth yet
  6. sorry lmao dont have such time
  7. i dont know what this means. Sometimes i get these options and dont know what to do with it. Does it mean i am in a waiting Q to land or something? But then other times i get clara and flight kiss off, i am a bit confused.... what does it mean if i get commencing and established as an option?
  8. Whats after the 47 and mozzie i dont hear much about other ww2 modules i know the Channels is WIP but what will come after e.g a carrier?
  9. why why did they use them
  10. why are the shots fired from ground units green,and so on?
  11. when i drop down the liveries in the rearm and refuel menu i cant select any liveries
  12. You need to be on open beta for it to work, not stable variant
  13. I am not saying the b17 but maybe like a HE111 or a a20 or a ju88. Now look i understand ED are working on other projects, but what are the chances of seeing a flyable medium bomber? i would pay for one would you?
  14. i understand that ED has a lot of work on the carrier, i am a new soul to ww2 in DCS and the asset pack gets very few updates i have seen, i understand there was just an update. I am enjoying the ww2 aspect so much, when do you think we will get a axis bomber like the HE111 or just an update i understand it takes time. But how regular are ww2 asset pack updates?
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