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  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but for me this line is just based on the selected blue/red units in tacview (range and bearing between them). The radar lock on BMS is an animated dashed line if I remember correctly (which may be a different line from the simple solid one). And I read that So, the solid lines in our tacviews are no proof that the lock was as intended/said. The track only can show it, when it plays correctly.
  2. On my side, I did several tests with the 2AIM7TEST mission provided. I do not reproduce the same situation as in the Alert5 (Taskforce challenger) mission. This does not seem to be related to chaffing as I can indeed see in Tacview that the background Mig29s chaffes without the same effet... I tend to believe, as other people, that in the Alert5 mission the hornet's radar is somehow (or sometimes) locking the background Su24 (hence his defensive behaviour). However, I would not say that I am only locking the Su24 and never the front Mig29. Because if that were the case, how
  3. I tried the mission AIM7TEST. Problem not reproduced : all my missiles go to my tracked target. But in Tacview, I can see that none of the two background Mig29 ever chaffes ... so I do not see how this test is proving anything as far as chaffing is concerned. Is there any way I can force one of them to chaff ? Should I lock the Mig29 in the middle for instance ? Or lock them alternatively ? Tacview-20210304-082913-DCS-AIM7TEST.zip.acmi TestMission1.trk TestMission2.trk Tacview-20210304-083349-DCS-AIM7TEST.zip.acmi
  4. Thanks for writing this dorianR666 : I was also exacty wondering why this one Su-24 is chaffing that much and the other aircrafts are not. The targeted Mig29 is not even chaffing in most of my tests. I guess the Su-24's RWR is telling him there is a strong lock on him. But why ? My STT is clearly not on him. My wingman maybe ? I did not clear him to engage though. The coincidence is troubling anyway as he chaffes right when I shoot. Which makes me wonder if it is just a chaff issue ... or if somehow my radar is locking him along with my target (the Mig29) .... does that make an
  5. Thanks for the feedback Bignewy. Yes it clearly looks related to chaff. Good to know that there is a known issue about chaff.
  6. I recorded a few tracks and tacviews, without any acceleration : https://we.tl/t-bNCZL2FiGK When I replay the track, the outcome at some point is completely different from what happened in the actual flight, but I guess those are known issues with the replayability of the track recording system so we have to live with it ... Anyway, before I get killed I can clearly see the missiles going in directions completely different from expected. And the tacviews are even more explicit. Interestingly, when I shoot 3 aim7s at the same locked target, quite often the first two
  7. I think your explanation about chaff precedence explains exactly what is going on. Clearly, it looks like as soon as some aircraft behind my locked target chaffes, the missile sees nothing but that remote chaff. Which sounds a bit extreme since : - that Su-24 is pretty far behind - it is not really in the FOV of the missile (or the FOV is much greater than what I would expect ?) If missiles are that much subject to 'remote chaffing', I do not really see the point of using them in this situation. I would load only heat seeking missiles, fly fast, mano
  8. It looks like all those 4 missiles (fired between 7 and 4 nm respectively) want is that Su-24 in the back .... That Su-24 even chaffes, although I do not have any STT lock on him. The TD box is on the Mig29 and the MFD display clearly shows I am still locking him (speed, altitude, bearing....).
  9. I will try again without loft. It was left on by default. But I remember doing the same tests a couple of times without the loft mode, and also switch the rcs to small. Both did not make much difference. I will try again. Judging by the trajectories on the tacview it really looks like the aim7s do as if I was locking a different bandit.
  10. I have the same problem I think. I am repeating the Alert5 mission (from the Challenger campaign) to try and nail the issue. Almost every single time I reproduce the same situation that looks really odd : - I bug the frontmost Mig29 in TWS, from 30-35nm, crank a little bit right while closing in - at around 10nm (but I have tried with other distances like 8nm, 6nm), I still have the bandit bugged and I placed it in the middle of my hud (so I confirm visually that the lock is on the right contact) - I shoot an AIM-7, the radar switches to STT automatically - the mi
  11. Quick feedback from my last attempts : Most of the time, I was playing with the AI level 'High'. My base case scenario is a mission I created in the editor as follows : head-to-head with another F-5E, 24k feet, in Nevada above the 'round green crops' (kind of replicating the first engagement in a mission of the BFM campaign without all the nav involved) With the 'High' level, I struggle with this vertical never-ending fight. It indeed looks like physics do not exist for the AI. I am bleeding energy going up, and the opponent is like in space, no stall, nothing, repeating the
  12. Thanks a lot for the ideas. Glad to see this partially comes from the AI being good at managing energy. It looks like the AI really loves going vertical after the merge. This leaves me a bit frustrated since I first would like to put in practice what I read and hear about 1-circle and 2-circle and lead- vs rate-fighters. And I thought that first training horizontally (with just a few high/low yoyos if needed here and there) was a good starting point to learn before adding all the complexity of vertical fight dynamics. When in vertical loops I try as much as possible during the dive phase
  13. Forgot to add : this is same aircraft fight. F-5e v F-5e. And whenever I apply enough lead, the bandit is hidden just below my HUD (the round thing on top of the recorder below the hud).
  14. Hi, First post on the forum for me ! I got back to sim and especially DCS a few weeks ago. Coincidentally, I made this decision a few weeks before the lockdowns. So I was really pleased with the trials, sales and everything ! Thanks E.D. :thumbup: I say got back, because I did a lot of combat sims when I was younger : Jane's F-15, Graphsim F/A-18, Falcon 4, ... Back then I was interested in systems, radar modes, LGBs, etc... now I am in love with dogfights and carrier recovery ... for now ... there is so much in DCS ! I am still combing the forums, and have yet to read all the hist
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