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  1. Holy Old thread reply bump Batman. but here goes The story is BS.. because No US plane has ever launched actual Aim 54's at Allied F16's .. EVER. The missiles cost a shit ton the planes cost shit tonnes more And the pilots lives are worth even more all mock fights are simulated.. and there's no evading a simulated missile. They call their shot.. and then simulate an evasion , which is then evaluated in debrief, eg check if the shooting was done from good parameters.. And put that against the defense break.. all that usually requires an ACM range with all the tracking of all planes.
  2. In Oostende, at Atlantik Wall there was something called the Pink Villa. a Huge square looking McMansion of the Interbellum.. The germans had incorporated it in the defences.. it was full of machine guns overlooking the beach.. It still exists to this day https://www.google.com/maps/uv?hl=en&pb=!1s0x47dca52eca38f041%3A0xfd815b1553ee3d02!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Froze%2Bvilla%2Boostende%2F%4051.2053222%2C2.8547673%2C3a%2C75y%2C59.09h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sKIf7_lYTweVLeuc1IuMusQ*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x47dca52eca38f041%3A0xfd815b1553ee3d02%3Fsa%3DX%26hl%3Den!5s
  3. Not a fort, just City walls, Ramparts.. Built by famous French architect, Vauban.. the water around them is actually visible in DCS But it's probably quite more work to model and match it with the water now visible.. vs just putting some of hte bigger buildings in with the rest of the "furniture".. as for the Menin Gate... the first thing Hitler did... After having Blitzkriegd over Belgium.. was to visit Ypres and the Menin Gate..They weren't yet finished fighting near Dunkirk , Operation Dynamo was in full swing, when he visited the former WW1 Salient, Ypres and some key places(whe
  4. I'm missing the Atlantikwall defenses , bunkers and what not. And the German Airfield at Koksijde.. that still exists.. including the hangers from that era.. Also, there were 2 HUUUUGE V1 complexes in North of France, still in existance today Block haus near Eperleques, one slightly to the east They really cannot be ignored in the Channel map.. they were very important structures in the Air War, the target of many Tall Boy and Grand Slam missions these were some of the biggest Nazi constructions done in WW2, along with the Sub pens.. There was also a v3 site, but that one woul
  5. would be nice to have at least engine completely off modeled.. It opens up a lot of new tactics as done in AIMVAL real world Aim9 Lima testing
  6. As the title says.. I'm getting shot up with heat seekers when my engines are cold. That doesn't make any sense at all.. I'm not talking idle I'm talking engines not running & cold as can be... Is engine state at all modeled in DCS?
  7. Got the new stable, all is well in the world ! thanks!
  8. no i'm on stable.. bit confusing if they announce it in the stable version and don't mention "only in beta" sure early access, but so is f14b at the moment, and that's in stable ...
  9. On startup DCS news linked tells me it's been released the page says download it via module manager the license account page confirms I have a license for it. But there's no Supercarrier to be found in the Module Manager. I'm on stable version, surely early access doesn't mean it's for the Beta DCS only? It's been out there much longer, right?
  10. No apologies needed, thanks for checking and clarifying!! Just for my info: the weights is just a loadout page issue in DCS But the pallets themselves, in game should impart drag on the flight model? I may have do some more extensive testing on that.. Just not sure how to measure drag Maybe setup a start of a slick jet at 40000 feet at a given speed and chronometer how long it takes to be come a hole in the ground vs how long it takes one with 4 pallets. It's far from scientific, but IF i did 4 tests with each config and average em out per group.. it should give me 2 distin
  11. I think the overweight 8B and 1B Sparrow and Phoenix is from that vertical bit hanging down. The sim calculates that as an additional adapter. But in real life I don't think I've ever seen a Tomcat without one.. Except for perhaps the early prototypes during initial test flights. 1 Aim 7 on station 8B or 1B is 119 lbs to heavy << scratch this 2 Aim 54c on Station 8B or 1B is about 100 lbs to heavy << Scratch this But the rest still is off.. Not pallet weight is accounted for in the loadout screen. Those Phoenix missiles+ pallet should still weight more then the one
  12. suspect the same applies for other weaponry Mk83 can go on 1b or 8b, or on pallet as a single Completely empty Tomcat, nothing on any station, no pallets, 0% gun ammo 1 mk83 should be 1000 lbs, give or take a few 1 mk82 should be 500 lbs , give or take a few 60239 lbs total 0 weapons A 1 mk83 on station 8b on a bomb rack 1393 393lbs for that bomb rack B 2 mk82's on 8b 1470 That would mean the bomb rack weights 470lbs for the bomb rack Which would not be consistent with the weight of a single mk83 and the same bomb rack C 4 mk83's each on their own pallet and
  13. Thanks Mike, don't hesitate to ping me if anything isn't clear in my write up, or if you can't reproduce.. The main concern here is that the Sparrows become completely pointless if there's no weight /drag advantage involved . Sparrow vs Aim54 on it's own should yield a reasonable benefit in the weight/drag department for station 8b and 1b. But overall that's not to bad. twice as heavy And perhaps but probably just a bit more drag since they are both designed for aerodynamic performance and both fully hanging in the wind so to speak But a Sparrow sunk into the fuselage, between th
  14. Not sure if this is already known, but in the Stable version I have some odd behavior with the loadout. For brevity A9 is Aim9M A7 is Aim7M A5 is Aim54C P4 is 4 pallets between the nacelles. 1 So I load up 2xA9 + 6x A5 + P4 and 2 bags Loadout shows 7482 lbs worth of weapons Remove 1 A5 from outer mount and that shows 6356 lbs 7482-6356 = 1126 lbs That's what a loose Aim54C weighs according to the loadout screen. Now add 1 A7 and total weight becomes 6982 6982-6356 = So the weight of a loose Aim7M is 626 lbs (same result with aim7F) 2 2xA9 6xA5
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