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  1. DCS A-10C VR Home Cockpit background of development ${1}
  2. This is the actual installation. There are only hotas, VR, and power lines connected to the computer. The box on the computer is the receiver.
  3. Hello!!! Thank your reply and interest It uses DCS-bios. Translate the message sent from the receiver connected to the computer into DCS-bios. This connection has a very important advantage. If an error occurs in the input window, it does not affect the computer at all. Simply turn off the input device and turn it on. Therefore, we can create a very stable system environment. And because the display is not implemented, this wireless connection is possible and the entire cockpit can be implemented. Have you ever stopped a mission because your computer was down? This is very annoyin
  4. Hello I am a Korean home cockpit developer. We developed a home cockpit product that anyone can easily assemble and install. It can be controlled in the same way as it actually does. For more information, please visit our website and subscribe to the YouTube channel where the following videos are displayed. http://www.cockpit-vr.com INTRO Cold Start Assemble
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