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  1. These two links should help. https://www.seaforces.org/usnships/cv/Aircraft-Carriers.htm http://www.gonavy.jp/AirWingsf.html
  2. One of the reason we need a seperate “sea state” control, so we have the ability to change swell size, regardless of wind conditions. I want to be able to land (well, crash actually...) on this.
  3. In your video, it looks like the cloud motion is scheduled to the direction of travel of both the aircraft, and the carrier. In less I’m missing something, I don’t see much wrong here. Remember that the wind direction in DCS (the ME and reported by ATC) is reversed compared to real life wind reporting standards. It indicates the direction the wind is blowing towards rather then the direction it is coming from. (This really needs to be changed as the weather system is improved.) In DCS to set a northerly wind, usually reported as 360°, the wind need to be set to 180° in the
  4. Deck crew are either in a launch or recovery state. They can’t do both at once. Hence the need to wait for all arriving aircraft to trap before launching is available again.
  5. Unfortunately the entire altimetery system in DCS is currently unrealistic. It is built around an “absolute true altitude” concept, where AI aircraft, aircraft systems & sensors, mission editor features, and basically everything else related to altitude at all, only use the exact true altitude, regardless of the air pressure, air temperature or altimeter setting. I wrote the below in another thread, but I’ll past it here as it’s relevant too. My hunch is that DCS has basically been "fudging" correct altimetry for some time. Seems the underlying code all
  6. It’s not about that at all. ED make it perfectly clear that this module is part of the FC3 package, and hence has a lower level of detailed associated with it. This is no secret. If anything, the $15 price vs $80 price for a full fidelity module should indicate such. We understand your frustration, but things are going in circles now. You may not want to hear this, but ultimately this is about not doing a couple minutes of due diligence before clicking the purchase button, and unfortunately that’s on you and you alone.
  7. I’ve noticed extremely long refuel rates (as in 100lbs per 30-60 secs) on the right hose only, using the KC-135. The lights on the refuelling hose pod are also not working on the right side, so maybe this is an indication of a general bug with this side? The left hose always seems to refuel at a normal rate. I also noted some abnormal behaviour after disconnecting. This was all present pre v2.7 so it may or may not be the same issue you are experiencing.
  8. So far this is the only way to make it possible, and truthfully, I don’t see that changing. This method has it’s issues if considered for a persistent public server (blocking CATs & fouled landing deck etc), but for single mission oriented private/squad servers, you could literally spawn 30+ aircraft with no problems at all.
  9. When it comes to storage, always buy more than you need. There’s nothing worse than getting a small drive to ‘save some money’ only to need another 12 months later. These days 500Gb is simply no where near enough. My laptop already had 256Gb & 1Tb drives, but they were getting full, so I bit the bullet and bought a 2TB Samsung Evo last year (I’m lucky it has space for 3 drives). Best decision I could make.
  10. So what’s the general consensus on v2.7 with regard to the Hornet’s A/A radar? The changlog list a huge number of fixes, but also the following: After rework, A/A radar has extremely high detection range - Fixed How much has the range been reduced by, and have the other bug fixes offset this with easier detection and more stable tracking?
  11. And most commercial/airline pilots too. No more paper charts or approaches plates in cockpits of any sorts these days, just a few iPads.
  12. I'm curious where you got this information from.... The Navy simply being unaware of a basic feature of there own jet is something I struggle to believe.
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