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  1. There is also a Rudder trim axis that could be bound to something.
  2. In fact to get us back on topic I will edit my post... Push forward. No I'm not being flippant. Almost every aircraft has an issue where trim for final is different to trim for takeoff. You have to allow for this in go rounds and, depending on the technique you were tought, during touch and goes. One school of thought is to priotise runway safety and trim upwind when you can do it by feel, like you do in a go round, another is to priortise upwind standardisation by trimming on the ground. At least with the hornet it will trim itself once flaps are up.
  3. ..and yet ICAO states runway safety events occur more than 4 times the rate of loss of control in flight events. And when they do occur are far more likely to result in hull loss...... Lets get back onto topic shall we?
  4. Actually yes I was refering to real life civilian aircraft. As I was tought 25 years ago, most GA (at least back then) had a massive trim wheel that effectively needed you to look at the floor for about 4 seconds while rolling down the runway to set for t/o. The technique that was tought was to anticipate the out of trim (it wasn't ever that much if you were trimmed propoerly for approach) and trim out upwind when you can trim by feel and not need to look down at an indicator needle. It has been a long time since I flew censsnas though so maybe modern ones are better de
  5. Yes I have a cheap numpad setup for use in VR. Works really well. It is actually mounted upside down but I just mapped all the buttons to what I wanted. Yes I know I need to renew the stickers but I don't notice in VR as my
  6. Push forward. No I'm not being flippant. Almost every aircraft has an issue where trim for final is different to trim for takeoff. You just fly the aircraft and trim out for the climb, If you spent time rolling the trim wheel forward on a GA aircraft before applying power you would run off the end of the runway. At least with the hornet it will trim itself once flaps are up.
  7. Vr only here and I never use the body. In fact I find immersion breaking. This is due to the fact it blocks my access to controls. If it were my real body I could access those controls without thinking about it, but with the sim body I am painfully aware that it is not my knee/arm that is blocking my access. Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
  8. Same here. Although I am new to MP so it could be something obvious I have overlooked.
  9. Does anyone know the equivalent file for F18? Mine are now unreadable. F18 equivalent files can be found at \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_Group
  10. I Will try the manual mode tonight/tomorrow and see how I go. The odd thing is SSM opens and if I click test it works, issue sems to be with SSA.
  11. I would say Stable = less frequenct changes. Still many bugs but they don't change very frequently. OB= Bugs change on a weekly basis. Something that worked last week may not work this week. You do get the latest cool features. Also worth considering: if you are learning an aircraft stable can be better as aircraft functionality doesn't change overnight. if you plan to use the forums for help you are arguably better with OB as almost everyone here uses OB and may not experience the same issues as someone on stable. I normally use Stable so I don't
  12. Same problem here. If I let it minimise to systray, it vanishes if I mouse into systray. If I (following reinstall) keep it on screen, it looks like it is working but doesnt communicate with DCS.
  13. I found the same. I wasn't sure if it was a change to how it SHOULD work or just a bug but now I find to slew the TGP to a waypoint I have to TDC to the MDI/AMPCD that I have the SA/HSI displayed on , then press the OBS for TGT designate. Then I can TDC back to the TGP. For me I usually have TGP on left and SA/HSI on the AMPCD (middle). I go TDC down, select waypoint/markpoint, Traget desig on the AMPCD, then TDC left to adjust the TGP.
  14. The new clouds seem to have introduced the existing "cockpit too dark" issue to a wider audience. Many have complained in the past the brightness delta between inside the cockpit and outside is far too great. I.e if you set the gamma to see inside the cockpit the outside world is washed out or if you set the gamma for outside the cockpit is black hole. (not referring to cockpit vs external view, referring to the view outside while sitting in the cockpit) Now we have the new clouds the effect seems to have extended to shaadows cast by the new clouds. i.e if you set gamma
  15. This looks closely related to the common "cockpit is too dark" issue. I am one who (in VR) has to have all cockpit lighting on max in the middle of the day as unless the sun is beaming directly on my dash it is too dark to be readable. (Not the MFD displays, the physical labels etc.) If I turn Gamma up to compensate, the outside world is completley washed out. I have noticed this is because the shadows on my cockpit are too "intense" for want of a better word. It looks like the new clouds are casuing this same effect. The shadows are too "intense". i.e the delta between in and out
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