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  1. I did a little more research today. The functions of the new clouds are in the files atmosphere.hlsl as well as their includes. In the line float skyLerpFactor = smoothstep(atmNearDistance, atmFarDistance, d); a kind of temporal smoothing is applied depending on the distance and camera position! I noticed today that clouds farther away wobble significantly, while clouds close to the plane do not. I then tried the VR zoom and noticed that clouds that were wobbling before were no longer wobbling. This indicates that the cloud positions are time smoothed. However, this also means that the positio
  2. I recommend to try them one by one. I‘am not sure if they are all compatible with the latest DCS. The grass shader only works with the DCS Shader Mod. I tried to optimize the performance here. I wrote some comments in the file. Mostly I just edited one, two lines of code. I think at all its not difficult to adjust a newer versions if neccassary. Let me know if something isn‘t working. DOF.fx heatair.fx motionblur.fx grass2.fx
  3. If you want good graphics for making videos with dcs I can recommend using this as well: Just for bridging the time.
  4. I‘m on the road at this moment - Give me some hours please
  5. I can have a look if I still have a copy of it - don‘t using them anymore because I switched to VR.
  6. Do you have Vive VR or what its called or Valve Index?
  7. Sounds like the simulation that is rendered seperately over the „game“ uses A: a fixed Framerate that is off to the frames per second in the game (may 60Hz so its closer with 72Hz then) or B: DCS uses kind of motion interpolation in vr that creates interpolated frames but the simulated and seperately rendered clouds still interpolate the frames - so we have an offset between a frame from the game that is nterpolated between frame 1 AND 2 (call it frame 1.5) and you still see the clouds from frame 1 OR 2. So you have 0.5 Frames difference in between. So ED had to manage
  8. Hey - the source code files are only necessary when someone wants to edit and recompile the whole thing with ms virtual studio. They cant be used for anythings else. So copy paste it to any path won‘t do anything! You only need the Leap Software and the replace the files with mine that you can download above. I just used the Leap thing from SDRaw and edited some values to „nearly“ match the Hand-Rotation-Offsets and disabled some buttons that are emulated and causing problems. You can also use the newest version from sdraw. He used my changes to adjust the code and placed the whole offsets int
  9. Just make sure you installed at least Leap 4.0.0 Software and put (override/replace) the files and stuff (https://forums.eagle.ru/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=172733) here (see screenshot). Thats it. I see hands in DCS, and also see hands with my Valve Index Knuckle Controllers. So the Leap thing I reused also emulates these Valve Knuckels. When you don‘t see hands after doong the above steps - then there is something wrong at a different point.
  10. Theoretically, this is probably the same, but it is not confirmed exactly what the problem is. I refer here only to the statement of BIGNEWY. I have also done it this way and it worked.
  11. I would recommend to rename the whole DCS Folder to DCS_Old and then start the Game. I think the Settings File is not an problem. Its the Shadercache that will be recreated. So just start the Game and close it then. You now have a new DCS folder next to your DCS_Old. Now Copy the files you need. I would recommend to copy the whole Controles Folder then.
  12. Yeah I saw the same performancedrop. On Youtube erverybody tells you there is no performanceloss - even in VR - no its faster!!! I tried the tip from BIGNEWY and renamer my DCS Folder in C\User\YOUR USER\saved games\ after that I started the game and copied my controles later in the new folder. For me it definitely fixed the heavy performance-drop. I also have a 3090. Do you have Rez Bar enabled? Latest drivers as well?
  13. What are your hardware specs? Try fpsvr app to see frametimes of cpu and gpu. So you can see what part of the system is the reason. I mean nothing had less calculation then clouds right?
  14. Yes, you are right. I agree that these are three different problems that should be discussed separately. - Overall quality (out of focus, settings don't seem to work). - Overlit, burned out clouds - Mismatched shaky perspective from clouds to world But from everything I've read, Bignewy has all three on his radar now. I am sure they work really hard for us
  15. Hey BIGNEWY, this helped for me. Now it runs nearly as smooth as with the old version. By the way could it be that the Gamma-Calculation for the clouds are the problem for burning them out in VR? I accidently slided the gamma and *kaboosh* at ~1.7 it seems to be more natural and realistic. https://youtu.be/B95A32CQ2r8 And great job by the way!!!
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