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  1. Thank you, Art-J. It is a bit of a shame, in my opinion. I fully understand that timing the plane is part of enjoying and understanding it, but it would be a very good thing to be able to, at least, keep your last trim setting for a specific airframe (I guess it would involve a lot of work on the game engine, though). I hoped there could be some conf file that could have been edited (yes, I have been used to mess with FSX back in the days). Maybe one day ?
  2. Hi, When I start a mission from the ground, I need to trim the Spit a lot to the left (rudder) and down to take off nicely. If I start in the air, I need to trim the beast as well. Is there a way to set some kind of default trim for the Spit, so that I start my missions with some kind of 'good enough' trim setting? I'm not looking for something perfect, just for something that wouldn't be completely off in the aforementioned scenarios. I'm sorry if there is an obvious answer to this, but I searched with 'trim' and couldn't find a solution to my problem.
  3. I flew this campaign 6 or 7 months ago and I enjoyed it very much. I think the campaign worked as intended with me (and I cannot really remember major flaws or bugs related to updates, for example). Radio management was still a PITA, to be honest, but at least, the knee-board allows for an easy reading of the actual frequencies (I'm sure you knew it but just in case...) The only downside (depending on your personal taste) is the fictional and not so credible background (however, the background is detailed and very much enjoyable as such). But the missions offer a lot of v
  4. Hi. The 'ASP-5 Target Distance Selector' (Category: 'Gunsight') doesn't work properly when assigned to an axis. The useful range is located right in the middle of the axis travel, which makes it impossible to use. The first and last parts of the axis do nothing (or are detected as a 0 and a 100, or 0 and 255, or 0 and 1023... You get it). I made sure to test it on two different axes with the same (bad) result.
  5. I have got the exact same problem and I am going to create a thread, since the only related one that I have found was in the 'solved' section, because it had been identified as a double for an existing thread... which I cannot find.
  6. Hi, Latest OB ( Keybinding doesn't work properly to toggle the left gun electric power. The assigned key will only work to switch it OFF, but not ON. There is no problem with the right one. (It is the same with the keyboard or the joystick buttons). Happy new year
  7. Yes. Could you please make the gear command work like you describe it in your own manual? This is the kind of details that make Russian aircrafts enjoyable for some people. Finding the same behaviour in the MiGs 15, 19 and 21 makes sense. Why don’t you enable this when all the commands are ready? With hope. Regards.
  8. This happens to me with my joystick buttons : - the button I assigned to left gun arm actually arms the left gun, but this is the right button that is animated as pressed in the cockpit, - same thing with the right gun : correct action but inverted animation.
  9. I get the same kind of problem when in F2 view, coming from the cockpit. When I'm sweeping the POV from behind the plane, the view SEEMS to zoom out. But when I check the FOV value (Ctrl+Pause twice), I can see it doesn't change. So it appears that this is the position of the viewer that changes. Very strange. If I sweep left and right multiple times, from the back, the same thing occurs, up to three or four times from what I can tell. I don't know if its related, but the track IR is disabled in F2 view, and I use a TIR 'copy' along with opentrack (no problem at all with the dev
  10. Hi everyone, I'm Feflefoo. I'm not a pilot in real life, nor an expert of any sort, but I'm interested in aircrafts. I've been playing Lock On Flaming Cliffs a bit, along with other flight sims (somehow focused on Russian WWII a/c, you know), but everything came to a stop when I needed to move, have kids... You know how it works (some of you at least). I'm from France, btw, and my main passion has always been motorbikes. See you around here!
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