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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. But I have a doubt, even if at the moment I don't have this possibility. It would be the same thing, that is, I enter the server to test the mission, but I would always be alone, with only one helicopter at a time.
  2. Hello everybody I wanted to ask a question, perhaps trivial, but I did not find an answer by looking on the forum. I'm creating a small mission with two helicopters that two can play in multipalyer, it was a simple mission, but there are still several triggers, explosions, and radio items. However, I noticed that when offline, I test one helicopter and then the other to check if everything works well, ok, but when my friend and I enter the server, many things do not work, or there are anomalous, such as loops that there shouldn't be and other things. Is there any way to test the mission
  3. Instead you helped me a lot and I thank you. Unfortunately, not speaking English correctly, I had a hard time making myself understood. Anyway, I did more tests, and I managed to get the mission to work with a single command to both open and close the hatch. I was misled, the fact that it wasn't working and then I went to see a mission that I was sure was working and I had seen that command which is useless. Thank you very much, you have been very kind
  4. I tried to recreate a very short mission, and it seems to work with just the command to open and close. I don't understand why the mission I was preparing doesn't work. I will try to investigate better.
  5. So can you explain to me why you don't close the hatch to me? And why the mission I did, there are two commands that apparently do not exist id: 17 or rather exists as a device, but I do not find any correspondence in the command settings? And why as soon as I entered a valid id, in addition to the correct one to close the hatch, now it works? In my opinion it is clear that there is something wrong.
  6. I tried your mission, and the gunner's doors actually open. But I do the exact same thing, except waiting for the response from the user. To understand, only X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(9, 3035, 1) and X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(9, 3036, 1) but as I said, they open, but then they don't close. I got a doubt and I did an experiment. Since with X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(17, 3018, 1) and X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(17, 3013, 1) which apparently no one knows what they are, I replaced 17 with an invented number 255, and it works. So (if I'm wrong, forgive m
  7. Thanks, I will definitely try the attached mission. However, I do the exact same thing, for the right rear door, but then I can't close it. Boh
  8. I don't know what you mean by game mode, gunner etc. I am at the controls of the UH-1h and I wanted, once landed, to open the rear hatch of the gunner. I succeed, with the X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(9, 3035, 1)command but I can't close it. So I went to see about a mission, in which opening and closing works regularly, and I saw, as already mentioned, that in addition to the command to open your door, there is this X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(17, 3018, 1) e X:COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION(17, 3013, 1) Without these two commands the door will not close. And I wanted to
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had seen that file, but I was not convinced that it could be useful. I'll give you an example to make me understand. I'm using the UH-1H, according to that file, the device Id: 17, corresponds to IFF, but I don't need much because I have not found anything with that match, or at least I have not found it. Basically, I'm trying to learn and understand why I can open the gunner door, but I can't close it. I saw a mission that I unloaded, and the hatches open and close properly, and I wanted to understand why it doesn't work for me. I went to see that mission
  10. Hi, I have a little question to ask you. Given that I have searched a bit everywhere but I have not found the answer I am looking for. I would like to know if it is possible to know what a panel device id corresponds to. For example: Panel Device id: 17 I tried searching the various lua files, but it's a jungle, and I couldn't find anything I need. Thanks everyone for the help
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