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  1. just did mission 2 and all my 'issues' disappear ! strugling with managing the AI but that's another issue
  2. Also it looks like in mission 2 (first dynamic mission) COMM1 and COMM 2 presents are inverted between the aircraft and kneeboard. What kneeboard says to be COMM2 Presets is on Radio 1 and Vice Versa Leo
  3. ALthough labels are ennoying I can live with it But the radio assist is really something that needs to be fix IMO Leo
  4. Ok I went to have a look at the mission 1 in Mission editor: It's in French but first line is: Labels -> Full and 8th Line is Radio Assist: ON Thing is I cannot save modification to the mission... There should be a way to fix this, radio assist is really horrible for the campaign as it keeps changing the M channel of radio 2 Labels are ennoying too Leo
  5. Thanks for your replies, I'll give it a go ! About labels and radio: I have in my local option: Labels: Dot Only and Radio Assist. OFF Everytime I launch the campaign I have full labels au radio assist ON ? How can I change that ? Thanks Leo
  6. Hi, I just tried Mission 1 and I wanted to refuel. When my wingman just collided with me... Do we have to use DCS Comm for refuelling ? Leo
  7. Right, so: I changed the name of the saved games file, the problem is still here. I'll look onto the router and see if I can do something In the meantime I did some testing and those are the results: When launching DCS for the first time and go to the server list: Internet is slow (unable to load a simple web page) and comes back after 4 min 45 sec ish passing this time, I can successfully join to any server. When disconnecting the server/closing DCS, Internet is slow again and comes back after 3min30sec - 4min ish It is
  8. Yes I have a Zyxel NSG 50 that I didn't setup, and can't access the web configurator... What folder should I change ? the DCS.opendbeta ? onto anything else like :"Test_DCS" for example ?
  9. I just uninstalled it... problem still here, I think when i go in server list, it takes a lot of bandwidth or whatever and internet become very slow (just for my PC), i have to wait 5 10 sometime 15 min before internet comes back and I suppose the ability to join a server too
  10. Hi Flappie, This has already been done, and I just checked the path is correct and it is. Same for SRS and DCS updater (just for precaution) I have the problem even if firewall is turned off, so i don't understand why the problem could still come from the firewall I've also noticed that when I'm on the server list, my internet goes very slow (I can't open a chrome page and I have ERR_CONNECTION_TIME_OUT) when trying to reach an internet page) I don't know a lot about computers but If i can't even reach a simple web link, how would I be able to
  11. Hi, I'm not sure I understood everything! I tried to do exactly what you said and I ended up with 2 names from step 6: first being Filtre de protection contre la numérisation des ports (sorry it is in french) second being Filter ALE Auth Connect Monitor I think the problem comes from the first because for the second one in event viewer it was actually saying connection successfull Then What do I do with that name? you say: "Once your issue is solved, you'll want to disable the logging. Here's how to do it:" what did I d
  12. Yes, Here is the DCS. log 2021-01-22 13:18:44.028 INFO DCS: Screen: MainMenu 2021-01-22 13:19:46.714 INFO SOUND: Using SSSE3 for peak calc. 2021-01-22 13:19:46.718 INFO NET: client has started 2021-01-22 13:19:46.718 INFO NET: Using LEDBAT for UDP congestion control. 2021-01-22 13:20:12.708 INFO DCS: Screen: Client 2021-01-22 13:20:33.217 ERROR NET: Connection failed with code -10060 2021-01-22 13:20:33.239 INFO NET: client has stopped 2021-01-22 13:20:37.316 INFO DCS: Screen: MainMenu Waiting for your procedure Thanks
  13. Hi Flappie Thanks for your answers Here are my Avast Exceptions: I still have the problem... Can you think of anything else ? Regards
  14. Hi, When I try to join a server, I have a loading screen but no loading bar, then back to server list. By looking at the DCS. log it says it's a connection error code: 10060 WinSocketTimesOut something... I did all the suggrstions I could find to resolve this issue: 1) Increase the default value of allowable time for connection in my Registry 2) set DCS as an exception in my firewall 3) switched off my firewall 4) disabled my web agents on my antivirus (avast) The only way I can join a sever is by spamming the join button... this
  15. OK cool thanks for your answers, I was scared I'd need DCS steam version... Also is it easy to switch from VR to flat screen(e.g. for mission editor) ? Does closing steamVR just make it ?
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