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  1. Agree to support the missile till Pitbull, but even supporting the failure rate is high, much higher than before, is broken the 120C totally broken
  2. Hi all, I noticed more since the release of the 120C-5 version, but possibility even before. I play with viper most of the times, nonetheless this missile is totally useless now, before I would say one shot one kill, 80% probability of hit. Now I need to shoot 3 missiles or even 4 to hit1 target, all miss go dumb, to stratosphere etc... just crazy!!! The game now isn't enjoyable anymore in AA mode, please check and fix. lots of people complaining. Please add if you feel frustrated as me with the AIM-120C5
  3. Is happening not only for the F18.. in the F16.. harrier etc .. smooth ride and just drops to 3/4 FPS from 40FPS .. and also yes agree after the 2.5.6 everything is just worst. annoying very annoying :(
  4. Have you tried now after the update the EHSI? because now is almost all black (non usable at all) .. so is a bug.. and no! now you cant change brightness in this instrument (at least I can´t ;) ) The HUD I agree, and the HMCS (helmet) even in minimum its blur not sharp. ALso I totally agree with all, the AOA is very bad when combined with NVG even at minimum.
  5. Hi, I want to report some stuff that makes unbearable to use the F16 for night operations. - Basically all cockpit glows like a Christmas tree, - the Hud is too bright (even adjusting) and the numbers glow and are not Sharp - Same but even worst the HMCS projection in of helmet in minimum brightness is still too bright and not sharp, very bad to look through it !! -The EHSI (NAV, ILS; etc) Cant be seen at all at night Have you forgot to illuminate it ?!! In general all cockpit if very bad at the moment, previously better. But as well in night operation all lights, runway, tax
  6. I agree and I open other threads.. the F16 in RWS or TWS is losing the target for several times, you lock and it unlocks, you lock and it unlocks ... and sometimes the target never pop up again is just frustrating, ....just now I was locking a target in STT, it came locked until 15nm head on !! just before I shoot the 120C the radar lost all contacts ... nothing ... changed to DGFT but I was still more than 10nm to detect and kill the target. This is occurring in a random way... pls see this Thread And yes .. TWS up, right etc are being used.. bugged tracked swapping bugged targets while
  7. I have 2 track files with examples .. the smallest file the last 3 kills are perfect 2 of them I could not detect the target and I played with antenna elev, bars azimuth etc nothing only by DGFT mode, the other was ok. I can dump files in a link of dropbox and you can retrieve from there, let me know an email or something so I can edit the folder to be able to share with you. Originally they are 100Mb and other 40Mb the zip doesn't help much ..
  8. Unfortunately, I´m happy that's not only me! I thought that I was doing something wrong initially or missing something. I have a track file but is >100MB and I don't know how to cut it. But since this is happening all the times for sure is not difficult to simulate anytime. This plane is the best for a dogfight and CAP A/A support, nonetheless not seeing the enemy that a major flaw that will frustrate anyone, and is happening with me, and then as the other users so well describe how come a target that is bugged, or even in STT (all radar energy focus to him only!!) be lost, and not addi
  9. Hi, Since the upgrade 2.5.6, in Multiplayer, I´m having issues with the F-16 Radar. Resuming, 60% of the time I can't see the targets (I'm not talking about data link, I´m talking about the white one's Radar targets) in front of me, and sometimes if I see them they pop in ou in out, and by luck, I get a bugged target and then STT. but even in STT it loses the target and the lock and reacquiring in needed (if they come up again!). Antenna elevation is played and placed in the correct position and elevation in relation with target and me and my altitude and judged distance ;) , I tried ch
  10. Hi all, I believe that already was noticed, nonetheless, I couldn't find it in the forum since I installed version 2.5.6 (previously 2.5.5 was all correct in this respect) What is happening is clear in the pictures attached, the numbers in the tail, top, and sides are being transferred and overlapping any other skin chosen, even created skin (one of the shoots) in version 2.5.5 was not happening. now this 2.5.6 is occurring. In this particular example, the 084 is going skin to skin overlapping underneath marks.
  11. True, the wobbling is happening even at 550Kts at 3000 or lower I need to cut back on throttle to reducing speed to <450kts
  12. The same or similar issue, something is off with radar, RWS or TWS even with targets in front, in range 20nm, the elevation of antenna correct it cant pick them, never. The only option is going to DGFT mode and wait for the 10nm (basically you are dead) but in DGFT mode the target is picked at least. Also in STT, I need to reacquire the target 3 to 4 times since is returns back to RWS or TWS and reaquiring is needed.
  13. Yes..and the communications say to return to base. I land the wingman lands, and I park just in case in the parking area... even that doesn't allow to pass.
  14. Hi, I´m having the same issue, basically, even if you have a perfect 1st hit of that ZU-23 and make all dialogues I just come with 50 points and I cant move forward in the missions. Any Idea? thanks
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