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  1. Hi, I noticed that when I target individual vehicles with the TPOD, while a Waypoint is active in the vicinity, and drop LS-500's, somehow magically the WP is also bombed by an invisible extra bomb. You see this clearly in this track, where I drop 2 bombs, and two targets are destroyed + one extra, the building on the Waypoint. Kind weird! FT JF-17 CH SL LS-6.miz FT LS-500 JF-17 strange hit on WP.trk
  2. I guess i just flew too high trying from 6 to 7K; I did a run now for the track at about 4K and that seemed to work! see track & mission included. FT TakeTown Hornet CBU selflased.miz FT F-18 CBU.trk
  3. I tried trucks as well as BTR-80
  4. I cannot manage to hit anything with the CBU's or Rockeye's in the Hornet lately. I do nothing new, but they just don't seem to hit anything even when they explode right on target? I only have the problem in the Hornet. In the F-16 it works like a charm, same mission! (So I just replace the Hornet with an F-16 in a simple ME mission, an it takes out most targets in one run, in the Hornet nothing happens, only some dust! ) Mfuze VT, HT 1500, 2 pairs CBU or Rockeye, I tried heights between about 6000 to 8000, no wind. I thought it worked before on the Hornet also.
  5. Absolutely one of my favorite aircraft! It's damn fast, and flies so well! I also have the more complex planes like the Hornet, but the F-5E is for me more fun, it's really about flying dangerously! Nothing better than some low-level CAS evading AAA's for an adrenaline-filled afternoon! And it's a decent dogfighter too! Not an F-16 but still bonkers!
  6. Oh my! What happened to the forum! I really struggle to adjust: I do not clearly see what is new, I find it difficult to read and generally absolutely unattractive. I liked the previous forum very much. I'll adjust over time of course, but damn, what a strange experience!
  7. There seems to be a problem on the map to embark troops in helos. The troops simply do not embark. Exact same mission in Caucasus works.
  8. There are mappings for the new handles: Left Arming On - Right Arming On (So NOT Left Wing Bomb Arming On - Right Wing Bomb Arming On)
  9. Yes there are mappings for the new handles: Left Arming On - Right Arming On (So NOT Left Wing Bomb Armin On - Right Wing Bomb Arming On)
  10. Indeed quite confusing, you have to turn and pull the handles on the new left panel, and I had the impression I also had to open cover and engage the switches on the main panel as before. But then it works!
  11. PS after the latest patch the bombs do no longer explode? Did I miss something? I open cover, then arm ? Is there something else to do? Worked before the patch!
  12. This works, many thanks! I got the wrong command mapped first. "IR FRAMSTEGN" is normally mapped to the somewhat unhandy combo "RCtrl-RShift-M", I mapped it on a stick button and works fine now!
  13. Hi, When you have multiple sidewinders loaded, is it possible to switch active station? I often have both HB-24J and RB-74 loaded, and depending on the dogfight situation I want to be able to switch missiles.
  14. Somemore precise info on the TZF I found this very instructive video, but it is in Polish.
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