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  1. Here's the code I came up with based on Vlad's A10c code Tell DCS-BIOS to use a serial connection and use interrupt-driven communication. The main program will be interrupted to prioritize processing incoming data. This should work on any Arduino that has an ATMega328 controller (Uno, Pro Mini, many others). */ #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #include "TM1637TinyDisplay6.h" #include "DcsBios.h" #define CLK 3 #define DIO 4 TM1637TinyDisplay6 PltUhf(CLK, DIO); // 6-Digit Display Class void onPltUhf1110DialChange(unsigned int newValue) { PltUhf.showString(newValue, 1, 0); } DcsBios::IntegerBuffer pltUhf1110DialBuffer(0x1240, 0x0003, 0, onPltUhf1110DialChange); void onPltUhf11DialChange(unsigned int newValue) { int x=newValue; PltUhf.showNumber(x, true,1, 2); } DcsBios::IntegerBuffer pltUhf11DialBuffer(0x1240, 0x000c, 2, onPltUhf11DialChange); void onPltUhf101DialChange(unsigned int newValue) { int x=newValue; PltUhf.showNumber(x, true,1, 3); } DcsBios::IntegerBuffer pltUhf101DialBuffer(0x1240, 0x0030, 4, onPltUhf101DialChange); void onPltUhf1025DialChange(unsigned int newValue) { PltUhf.showString(newValue,2, 4); } DcsBios::IntegerBuffer pltUhf1025DialBuffer(0x1240, 0x00c0, 6, onPltUhf1025DialChange); void setup() { DcsBios::setup(); PltUhf.clear(); PltUhf.setBrightness(10); } void loop() { DcsBios::loop(); } Here's what read on the display: I know it's not right, but to me it's progress. At least something came up on the display. Can anybody show me where I'm going wrong?
  2. Thanks Vlad. I’ll give it a shot.
  3. Hi guys, I'm building the pilot control panel for the ARC159 in the F- 14. This is my first panel for my F-14 simpit and I'm having trouble putting together a sketch for displaying the frequency on a 7 segment display. I have an arduino uno and a TM1637 6 digit 7 segment display. Unfortunately, I have zero coding knowledge. I've downloaded IDE, DCS BIOS, and several libraries for the tm1637. I've spent several days trying to paste together a sketch, but no joy. Doe anyone have a sketch that that they could share? Thanks
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