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  1. I think this should work: https://discord.gg/A3tDY3bt
  2. The news* are on Discord - as often mentioned, the devs are not really present here. *) they are not dramatic/"breaking", but steadily incoming.
  3. Mission 4? If i am not totally wrong there is no mission 4.
  4. Since it is getting updated from time to time I don't think there will ever be a definitely"finished" version :)
  5. Are you using the latest updated version? Sounds to me as he crashed with some vehicle on the ground during taxi or so; this has often been an issue recently but should have been fixed.
  6. Even though there isn't much going on as well...unfortunately.
  7. And besides of all of this, anything of that most likely is ever going to happen in DCS...
  8. You can not manually laser designate targets.
  9. If you get shot at by IR missiles you use flares and try to "get away", simply spoken. You can either use the "Panic Release" of Chaff and Flare or the "Programm release" - you have to select the proper Release Programm with the dial selector; there is a programm overview on the first page of your kneeboard.
  10. It talking about missile shots - did you turn your RWR on? I think it is off by default...
  11. I think this is the often report issue of totally bugged AI and taxiing behaviour. You will have to be patient until ED fixes it.
  12. But I like that one :D I was speaking of OB btw, so there might be differences as well...?
  13. I think it is quite the same with other modules, e.g. F-5. I don't know how DCS handles "offroad", it seems a bit too sticky to me as well. However - your taxi speed seems to be to high, slow down!:book: PS: I guess every aircraft actually gets stuck in (loose?) sand, so at least that seams realistic to me.
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