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  1. Hi BN, Do you mean that you can see the crosshairs on my track? Then that is fun If so then it's probably a graphics problem on my end, I'll have another play around when I get time! Thanks Max
  2. I have yes, and it does not solve my problem. I feel this is a new bug, as it only started happening after the most recent update.
  3. Hi, Jumped in the viper after the update to test out the new maverick logic only to find that my mavericks aren't showing their aiming crosshairs correctly. You can see on the right hand MFD it's almost like its showing the break lock symbology, but that is brand new from a hot air start going into AG mode and putting the WPN display on. I haven't tried to lock on to anything, or even changed maverick mode. This applies to all maverick variants, including on the LAU-88 and the LAU-117, and I think it applies in PRE, VIS and BORE modes. I have included
  4. Solved, thank you. I had accidentally moved it too far to NAV by misclicking and turned it to off, this was the problem. Thanks
  5. Hi, Not been flying the hornet much recently but just struck it up again and noticed there was no STD HDG option to box on the HSI whilst doing a cold start ground align. I didn't think this option had been removed, so is this a bug or have I done something wrong? Thanks
  6. Hi all I've just flown a mission where I practised AAR and Mavericks on moving targets. I was returning to base when I found that the steerpoint I was navigating to, STPT 3, was, on the HUD only, shown to be over 300nm away from the actual steerpoint position. The actual steerpoint was a "Landing" point from the mission editor set to Kutaisi. This correct location was shown both on the DED STPT menu display and the HSD display on the MFD, but the autopilot steering and HUD director was showing it 300+ miles away from where I actually was. Before I noticed this I was using H and K maverick
  7. As far as I can tell, this is nothing to do with manual slewing at all. It's to do with the position of the TGP looking forwards, so when it crosses a certain forward looking line of sight it has to rotate and loses its position which should be held by the INS system.
  8. Same here. I was using the TGP to designate a SPI for a gun run, for ease of visibility. Every time I turned in on the target, the TGP would jump about and throw me off.
  9. Hi, loving the upgraded A-10. Just been on a training mission to try out the new stuff and found that whereas previously I could recage my TGP to boresight with China Hat Aft Short when TGP is SOI, this now operates the LSS function - I think this has changed since the previous version, although I could just be getting my muscle memory confused :huh: Many thanks
  10. It's easier when there's a SU-34 dropping parachute flares though :lol:
  11. There is an AIRBRAKE TOGGLE command since a recent update which allowed an axis-definable speedbrake
  12. Not quite sure why people complain about having to log in with Google to complete the survey. The vast majority of people already have a google account (and are probably logged in with it if using chrome) and if not it's very quick and easy to create one. These are the same people who complain that ED take too long to develop things and don't listen to the consumer, and yet here they are turning their noses up at ED getting thorough consumer input on a clearly ever active development process. Google login is not a "hoop" - it's a method of preventing spam, thus making the survey more accurate
  13. Please can you attach a track file and/or video of this issue so the community/devs can better help you? Many thanks
  14. Patchnotes released. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/
  15. The 3990 miles are worth $3.99 regardless of the price of the product(s) you are using the miles to get a discount on. The Hawk is no longer supported in DCS (the 3rd party devs went bust and didn't give ED the source code/project rights, so it was discontinued) and the upgrade from BS1 to BS2 is unavailable because BS1 I believe is no longer on sale. The product named DCS: Black Shark 2 is the one to get. Hope this helps
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