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  1. Hi again. There is no doubt the stuttering is caused by EPLRS from AWACS. We fly more than 3 hours without EPLRS and absolutely no freeze. As soon as I turn it on they come back... Its a major issu for a BVR theatre...
  2. Hello A very nice thing to have in mission is from far : something we don't know, something we would never expect to be hapenning, something very suprising, etc... How great are missions where lots of differents things happening all along your flight, which feel alive ! But when you flight this mission again, things feel familiar... and when you fly again, you already now what's going to happen, again and again... Because everything is already written. This fantastic mission you loved become tastless, because everything have to be written. The only way to make th
  3. Well... there is a high chance that the problem comes precesly from EPLRS : EPLRS ON on E3 : EPLRS OFF on E3 : EPLRS on : IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS_E3_EPLRSON.miz EPLRS off : IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS_E3_EPLRSOFF.miz
  4. Yes maybe, i did not try to remove that. KJ2000 doesnt have ELRS. im going to try
  5. Hello ! French pack working very well for me. Just reporting some Logs Error. I've reinstalled few times.
  6. We tryied the mission with new blue task force awacs. Everything was running perfectly. But suddently the upload/freeze started again -_- If relaunch the mission : no freeze. Now it seems the freeze are not present at mission start, but could be triggered during the mission we are investigating again. EDIT : With KJ2000, mission is running absolutely fine for more than 3 hours with 3 clients. So Blue US E3/E2 might be the problem.
  7. Me again sorry haha I've tried BLUE TASK FORCE, E3 : no freeze Might come from US coalition only ?? Well see you next time thanks for replying
  8. This mission causing clients to upload package every 10sec~ and microfreeze. IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS.miz This is the exact same mission but withouth the Blue Awacs IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS_NOBLUEAWACS IRANCHESSV2.1_FREEFLY_ZEUS_NOBLUEAWACS.miz The problem seem to happenning with : BLUE AWACS, US, E3 and E2. Maybe more... No uploading/freeze with BLUE TASK FORCE, KJ2000
  9. Well good news is : i'm now absolutely convince that the package/freeze were coming from the blue Awacs. I've tried to place new blue awacs : E3/E2, différent altitude/speed etc, but the problem is happening everytime. No problem at all for red awacs. Bad news is : Blue coalition AWACS are causing Freeze on my mission !! Here, you can clearly see that there is no more upload spike. And no more game microfreeze every 10sec~.
  10. Update : after many troubleshooting, i've found the origine of the problem, and i cant believe it... Its the blue AWACS !!!!! There is 2 Red Awacs and 2 Blue Awacs. I've removed the red awacs : no changes. I've remove one blue awacs : package reduced by 50%. I've removed the 2 blue awacs : NO PACKAGE UPLOADED ! I'm going to invastigate a bit more.
  11. Hi there ! With the squadron we are running missions on a dedicated server. On one mission, we have a very strange problem we struggle a lot to fix. For each client the game microfreezes every 10-12 sec. The freeze is synchronized with all client. the microfreeze is very constant, and happen whatever the graphic or the client setup. We have identified a specific value thats changes very similarly to the freeze : on each microfreeze the client is uploading a package : the bigger the package, the bigger the freeze : The
  12. Hi ! I hope im in the good place for player request So, very simple: We need a better interface for triggers management. This one is ok when you have few triggers. But once you start having a lot, it become a nightmare to manage them. These are the points that i think, would improve trigger management: Greater interface size: this one takes only 10% of the screen ! When you have a "lists", it feels akward to scroll down the list when you have this massive blue tongue empty : Trigger interface should take the entire
  13. MMmmm i think set up a trigger is the way to go. How can i do that, cant really find what i want in actions. The things is, i must have something like " if X attacks Y ", but Y must be ANY red gounds unit, it cant be just a group, because if have some many of them... with a random spawn etc...
  14. Hi there ! Im looking for some help to set an artillery site. I want the artillery to shoot at any ennemis getting in their shooting range. Actually, they are set to RED STATE and ROE: WEAP FREE. Their are some targets in their red circle, but the artillerie is doing nothing :( I've wait 10min to let the artillery calibrte and stuff, nothing ( the engine is not even running ?? XD ) I think if the targets aren't in the visual range, artillery needs to get the info from something else: but what is it ?
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