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  1. Hi @sigmet, From your previous post (January 30) I can see that you made the FBO with the WWII in mind. Maybe that's why I can see certain patterns that are perhaps not ideal for the modern jet era For example (FBO Caucasus v1.12): - when on A-A BVR combat mission, the targets spawn quite close to player aircraft - only around 20 miles or so, which is pretty close for a BVR encounter (Amraams have range of 30-40 miles) - when intercepting a bomber, it spawns relatively low (even if player aircraft is spawned at 10000 ft; I would expect them to come at arou
  2. Hello, I have also experienced quite substantial performance loss in VR (9900k, 2080ti, HP Reverb G2). I managed to trace it down to a possible issue with FPS capping/locking. Example 1: motion reprojection set on auto in WMR settings for SteamVR (default.vrsettings file) - MiG 29, Instant Action Cold Start in Nevada: flips between 90 and 45 fps - so ALL OK - Su 27, Instant Action Bomber Intercept in Caucasus: fps locked at 60 - causing unplayable judders Example 2: motion reprojection forced to always on ("motionReprojectionMode": "mo
  3. Yep, works great now. Thanks Ian! There may be many reasons why people did not leave a comment on the issue. The important thing is that it is all OK now. Thanks for a quick fix. Regards, Milan
  4. Thanks for a quick reply @MadDog-IC, I appreciate it. - I deactivated all mods including any unofficial aircraft mods (A4 and C130). - I also checked that the little clock in the Mission Editor is not active. But the issue is still the same. I am attaching a screen from the Mission Editor where you can see that the carrier is indeed the old Kuznetsov (while the drop down list offers also the 2017 version). I am attaching also my dcs.log from which I am a bit perplexed Maybe you can spot something wrong? Interesting thing is that when
  5. Hi @MadDog-IC and thank you for your work on the updates to the default FC aircraft campaigns. I am now with the Sea Dragon campaign and as I own the Super Carrier module, naturally I downloaded your fixes for the Super Carrier owners: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311803/ However, I noticed the new Admiral Kuznetsov (labeled as 2017 in the Mission Editor) is actually not there. The missions start on the old one. From your experience, is swapping the ships in the Mission Editor OK to do the trick? (I can do that myself, of cour
  6. Hi sigmet, just a shout to you... I came back to DCS after some time, fired up your FBO and had a blast :-) What an easy way to get some action.
  7. Hello, I have some experience with modding textures but zero experience with modding DCS. I would therefore appreciate if you could help me to get started on how to go from this (Su-27; entire dashboard illuminated, gauges not) to this (MiG-29; gauges illuminated, dashboard not so much) To be honest, I am not sure whether it is possible at all (I do not know whether the night lighting is just night textures or some sort of illumination with light source), but I am happy to burn some hours of my free time to learn something new and hopefully deliver something useful for this
  8. Hi and thanks for your replies. 3. The reason behind this feature is the (lack of) time. I got a busy family and professional life and am happy if I grab up to one hour for simming every other day. Therefore, I would appreciate a possibility to skip the start-up, taxi, take-off and cruise in exchange for quicker action. Though feel free to keep it as it is. It works OK. 6. OK, I need to get to that stage first :) 8. Possibly. It happened to me on more occasions doing something different. 9. Right. That's why I got a different set of instructions when testing in MiG-15 :thumbup:
  9. Oh, I have missed the part where you say you uploaded new miz versions :doh: I will test it soon and then will edit this post adding my comments, OK? Thanks! EDIT: Here we go I started to look for community made "auto-generated" missions such as this one since similar content out of the box is quite painfully missing in DCS. Therefore, I appreciate your work and work of other freeware DCS contributors who manage to fill in this gap! 1. It is actually fun :-) 2. I tried with MiG-29, Su-33 and F-15C - all these were in the list. How is the list of slots available made? Is it
  10. Hi sigmet and thank you for your reply. Sorry for a dumb question above :huh: I got just one MiG 31 when I set the difficulty on Challenging and Hard. Will try again :thumbup: Milan EDIT: Tried again and it works as intended. My bad, sorry. I have probably screwed something up before :thumbup:
  11. Hi again, just a quick question: For A2A "Fighter" missions, can I change the number of how many enemy fighters are spawned? Would it be possible to perhaps add a sub-menu where to chose the number of enemy fighters? (like A2A mission -> Fighter -> 1 fighter or 2 fighters or 4 fighters...). This would be to balance the numbers on "my" side (in case I spawn also my wingman or as a squadron leader). Thank you for consideration! Milan
  12. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for in DCS :thumbup: Thank you for your work and if there is a way how to support you, please let us know. I do hope ED will not brake your work with the next beta :(
  13. Hello Avalanche110, thanks for posting the missions! I tried to run the one without the mods but got an error message (see attachment). Can I somehow edit the mission file to get over it? (not much experience with the ME here). Thanks, Milan
  14. Probably an issue common to all FC3 modules? I can see this also with the F15
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