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  1. Here is what im seeing. With CCW and CW bound to my right and left arrow keys . look at the CRS switch. It will barely move and set the course in to an infant rotation. But when selected with the mouse it will stop. https://youtu.be/_RR4KYaK2-s
  2. I cant get these liveries to show up in game. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313170/ I have them in the Hercules liveries folder.
  3. As you can see the Harrier taxi (AT IDLE)to a stop then bring up the throttle to taxi again. Not using 40% throttle to keep moving. Not correct. Remove the drag on the ground where its not needed.
  4. When the Harrier was first released it taxied at low rpm's with ease. It was changed. There is now heavy drag on the ground for taxi. Its Razbam interpretation of the AV8B taxi speed. Its not correct. The same with there switch automation that is way to slow compared to other aircraft in the DCS World.
  5. No this has changed in the latest updates. If I go back 3 updates it works. Photos from the NTTR
  6. Has the range been reduced. From the beginning of the A10 you could release several gbu-38s at one pass around 7000ft. Now its been reduced even at 10000ft. The minimum and maximum caret range has been reduced way to much. Photo 1 manual Photo 2 6800 ft Photo 3 11000ft
  7. Sorry Have not updated SIG. New PSU Corsair HX 1000 2 weeks old. Also got a warning at +3 on DCS in the mission editor.
  8. Im getting this warning in the Gulf map but not every time . Some info I found was to ignore it. I think its coming from my Radeon settings. Not sure what I should do. I have nothing overclocked.
  9. Ramsay could you show us how to edit the AN_ARN128_config.lua to work with the Tarawa. AWLS is not working in NTTR.
  10. I will agree. Spool up sounds wrong Also I get pull up when rolling
  11. Dont know if this is my settings or something else. I notice the smoke trails or vapor trails are puffs of smoke. Should they not be full.
  12. You could add a second flight the is set to uncontrolled and after the first SEAD lands use it to trigger the second flight.
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