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  1. File is too big but here is the link to it. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9348496 Recently I gave up on colour accuracy due to the fact that after testing I could just do many tweaks to get it right but it is time consuming and not the same as the real life RGB equivalent. I believe something happens that changes the colour when converting it to DDS but I am not sure why it changes. May just be DCS's lighting. As for the gradient map, no I have not used it although there is an ambient occlusion layer in it but it does not conflict with where I am changing colours and will take a
  2. I have legitimately spent a whole day watching YouTube tutorials on the bort numbers and looked at forums and after all that, this singular post not only helped me to fix it and make it right, but provided basically the same code, BUT WITH ALL THE LINES GROUPED IN ORDER LIKE THEY SHOULD BE!!! I thank you deeply for time you have saved me!
  3. I am creating a skin for the hornet and have limited knowledge of creating a LUA so I have extracted one using ModelViewer and have placed all the relevant DDS files into the folder correctly. My issue currently is that I do not know how to edit what bort numbers are displayed on the final model, I have tried various changes to the code such as changing the corresponding lines to false or true but every time I go to view the livery in ModelViewer, all of the numbers are viewable. there are various tutorials which I have watched and I am still sifting through although i have so far found none t
  4. I am also not familiar with this program but maybe create a new layer that is completely black and put it behind the background while your working so that the checker pattern is no longer visible. Hopefully this will allow you to see the layers you want to work with better.
  5. I am designing a skin in photoshop and have taken the SF value of the paint on the real aircraft and converted it to RGB values to match it exactly in game, however. Once I tried to preview the skin in game it does not appear to be the same colour as photoshop, I took samples from a screenshot and found the skin is way lighter than what it should be. Does anyone know of a way to colour correct in DCS so that it more closely resembles the real colour?
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