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  1. Ok - I see. it´s some kind of scaling. thank you.
  2. IPD is just the "inter pupil distance"
  3. Thanks to my RIO "Qui Gon". But targeting Bogeys wasn' t easy because they were low near the ground and often in a fureball.
  4. Strange... For me the syria map is super smooth in VR. Running on 1.5 PD on Rift S, ASW enabled, MSAA 2x, and experimental "stereo Frustum Culling" enabled. But I also play with only vis.range on medium and without ground shadows. (building and tree shadows) Edit: Terrain Textures may have a big impact. Big difference on fps between high or low on this map, as far as i noticed.
  5. Thank you for the work and the last update. The flight model has improved as a result. Thanks a lot for this. In general, it is great to gain flight experience with this small and agile helicopter. Especially in VR it is fantastic to fly the AH-6 at low altitude. Thumbs up and keep up the good work.
  6. There could be something there... In my case, I've had very good results with the Rift S since the last patch. Even on larger multiplayer servers like Blueflag Persian golf. But I will keep an eye on that. But a definite improvement so far. :thumbup:
  7. Just tried the MIG19 in the free trial. And I got the same Issues in VR on caucasus map. Realy strange... I play with Rift S, vis. range on low, MSSA enababled, PD via oculus debug tool on 1.6.
  8. Actually for me I can see some Improvments. I ´m playing with Rift S and set Pixel Density via Oculus debug Tool to 1.6, enable ASW and got visibility range to low. (set ingame PD to1.0) In that case I got a significant performance boost. I can run now even with MSAA with stable 40 FPS. but that depends much on the kind of Mission. Smaller Missions, free flight and multiplayer like Blueflag Nevada is performing very well. But on the other hand bigger Missions still causes much FPS lost. But for now I run much better then before-.
  9. Hello, after the latest open beta branch I dont´t have any Force Feedback for Mig 21 with my Microsoft Sidewinder 2. This also happend in some cases with Tomcat and Viggen. Anyone else with FFB Sticks has Problems too ? Greetinngs and keep up the good work.
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