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  1. Hahahaha!!! "... a update is planned for that but no date yet." This annoying issue also has been reported about two years ago or so.... Good luck! We'll keep on waiting...
  2. HUD overlay (or mapping) is not correct (see screenshots) And I do have a question: Is this thread actually being used by DCS for fixing these kind of small errors?
  3. Just tried out the P47 in the free trial period. Great bird this is! However I noticed after landing and parking the bird was hovering above the runway (see screenshot).
  4. Same here. I feel like it is harder to lock targets. Even to spot targets on radar.
  5. I'm curious why it is (probably) difficult to solve the illumination of beacon and strobe lights in cockpit problem from a developers point of view.... :smartass:
  6. Maybe something terrible has happened to the supplier... crashed and burned... :pilotfly: And here we are, left in the dark :cry:
  7. Yes. That’s the one I meant. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  8. So, how about the canopy bug.... is it going to be fixed this year? :noexpression:
  9. Thanks for your advice rrohde....
  10. What I meant was that success is shared easier than a setback.... because of the silence I figured it would be the latter... but I understand now it was an assignment from a customer. :thumbup:
  11. Okay, didn't know that. Then it's probably profitable for ED. :thumbup:
  12. The silence is overwhelming.... No answer is also an answer, isn't it?
  13. Hmmm... It this is gonna take as long as the fix for the mirror, maybe this bug will be fixed at July 2019? Too bad to see the Spitfire has no priority... and it is not the only module... Exactly the reason I stopped purchasing early access modules.... Getting a bit tired of it.... :(
  14. :D If it would be as easy as that, I think ED would have fixed it....
  15. A simple copy/paste.... what's the big deal? :D
  16. Hi ED, As mentioned in other posts the mirror of the spit turns in opposite direction. As far as I'm concerned a nasty bug. I'm curious why it's not corrected in the last few patches. Is it difficult to repair or is it just a priority thing? Thanks for your answer in advance.
  17. Well, maybe it isn't a bug. After all, it's a British plane..... :D
  18. Really? Hah, weird. I just noticed... :music_whistling:
  19. I don't hear any sound when opening or closing the side hatch of the spit in DCS 1.5.8 I'm wondering if this is a bug or a feature? :hmm: Greetz.
  20. It looks like they have focus on continuously building new modules (especially planes), not so much on improving existing ones.
  21. Totally true. Just blowing off some steam.... Thnx! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  22. I really love to play multiplayer missions, but I what I really hate is the abrubt endings, due to server restarts, connection time-outs, desktop crashes, and so on. VERY very frustrating... :joystick: :mad: How do you deal with this?
  23. Hi 5tuka, Silly question I guess, but can't you use the original starter sound from DCS?
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