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  1. You gotta go into dcs with the mindset that you'll need roughly 1 TB total for the game. That will include additional module's you choose to buy, downloading a patch, which is technically "downloaded" twice to your hard drive. Once to be downloaded to your free space as a work bench, then unpacked and installed into the game itself, then the original download file is deleted after its unpacked and installed into the core game folders.
  2. You need to enter the laser code for each weapon on different pylons. If there are two lgb on a single rack, then that code is set for both, but if they are on different pylons, you need to enter the code for each weapon by cycling through them
  3. Saint is a dbag in the book, im pretty sure it's meant to illustrate how no matter what you do, saint will have something to say about what you do
  4. Are you using a flight stick? If so, you should check your axis curves. You want to be able to make very very small corrections, and don't chase the basket. You need to focus on the pylon on the wing, otherwise you'll over correct, and have PIO (pilot induced oscillation) and not be successful
  5. Thank you for the response. I should have mentioned that I'm a VR user and reading the manual is rough to do while in DCS. However I'll do that until another option is presented
  6. During dynamic mission 1 I set myself up for CAP in zone C. During that time, the enemy started jamming and I was tasked to switch to alternate frequencies. Would it be possible to make the alternate frequencies be pre programmed? I.e button xx, or have that information available in the pre mission brief so we can set it up before starting the mission?
  7. Look up eagle dynamics on YouTube. Wags posts videos with new implemented features. That or you'll have to wait until chucks guide on the mudspike forums are updated
  8. All that jinking around must have thrown off the acu
  9. That's odd. Must be something with the oculus. With my odyssey+ it also adjusts the vertical settings. As a test I set my chair to full recline and hit the re center, and it worked
  10. In your general key bindings within dcs, there should be a center vr view keybind
  11. It also stops rearranging your desktop when you turn WMR on. That's the biggest annoyance I've had with the wmr portal when my computer boots up
  12. I can confirm performance improvements here with odyssey+. Dcs f18 super carrier cold start mission Before change: 18ms frame time average 8gb vram usage, with plenty of spikes After change: 15ms frame time average with no spikes 7.3gb vram usage System specs: 32gb ddr4 3600 cl 16 R5 3600 oc to 4.25 ghz Evga 2070 super
  13. SPOILERS MISSION 4 Appreciated the nod to the gulf of sidra incident with the mig on mission 4.
  14. A few photos of my arduino flight panels. Bottom panel is for "takeoff" related items The top "combat" panel is still WIP but should be done within a day or so. Anyone know of a place selling decals for the f18 cockpit?
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