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  1. Having played a few missions with a friend where I was hosting the server from my machine, we have noticed that labels seem to no longer work while playing on such a hosted server. It does not matter what setting is used for labels within the options menu and the key-bind toggles (Shift-F2 and Shift-F10) also have no effect whatsoever. Trying the exact same mission in single player works perfectly. We are on the latest open beta. Since we have been using grey dot labels previously, this is now sorely missed. I am also attaching a short track. It
  2. Hogges


    I just spent an hour aimlessly flying around and found myself continuously laughing out loud at how good this looks. Not just the clouds but also the, to my eyes, vast difference in lighting creates a simply fantastic experience! What a time to be in this hobby. Thank you very much to the whole team for making this a reality!
  3. I absolutely love it! Looks like a completely new game. No performance hit at all so far with clouds on "Ultra" on my end.
  4. Just saw this now, thanks for getting back to me! Happy to hear that initial testing seems positive. Flying the UN missions in multicrew really was a much enhanced experience and I really hope that we will see co-op and multicrew enabled and supported in campaigns in the future. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  5. Hey there, I have noticed recently that the right wing texture on the VVS Demonstrator livery seems to be mixed up with the normal grey wing texture. I have attached a short track showing the issue. Thanks for taking it into account! Mig21_Wing Texture.trk
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for your input. Happy to provide my settings but I completely agree with Flappie. This seems to be a general issue with the way rendering and anti-aliasing is currently working in DCS. This is also why I picked official DCS videos to showcase this. After all, if ED themselves presently have no solution for this, we at least know that it is not our system or set up. At best, we can play around with the settings to mitigate the effects. Thus, I have arrived at the following: In the Nvidia settings I enable MFAA, Maxim
  7. Hey there, I have been flying and enjoying the Huey in Multicrew a lot recently and a friend and I have just completed the UN Campaign with it, which was good fun. I was wondering if this campaign would also work the same way? All I did for the UN missions was to set the aircraft to Client and host them in the server, which generally worked great. Would love to hear if this is possible for Argo as well. It is obviously understood that we would both have to buy the campaign. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I hope this is the right section of the forum to post this in. Playing DCS I can't help but notice the generally large amount of shimmering going on in the scenery. Mostly visible in the shadows but also quite noticeably with trees, river banks and shore areas. I find that this is especially prevalent at low level and low sun settings. I have been flying the Huey a lot recently where, naturally, you spend a lot of time down low so that might be the reason why I have noticed it even more in the past few days. I thus wanted to post this here as I would gen
  9. I am sadly not aware of any bugs related to this currently. But what you said about the front wheel being locked at an angle gave me another idea. It is important to understand that the L-39, like other Soviet jets, has a free castering nosewheel that is neither steered nor braked and utilizes differential braking in the main wheels for steering. So if you pull the brake lever, you have to use your rudders to brake the side you want to steer towards on the ground. Left pedal plus brake to go left and right pedal plus brake to go right. If the nosewheel is at an angle, i
  10. Hey there. Three things come to my mind: Try bringing back the parking brake lever even more. Sometimes it looks like it has cleared the black flag but needs a bit more. If you have bound the brakes to an axis (e.g. rudder pedals), try reversing the axis in the axis settings. This is sometimes necessary. See if there are no wheel chocks placed. To make sure, go to the communication menu and contact the ground crew. Hope that helps!
  11. I was also well and truly hoping to finally see the Phantom in DCS. Alas, we now know this was not to be. Instead, it is now seemingly looking grimmer than ever on that front. One can only hope that we will someday finally see and hear the characteristic smoke trail and wail of the mighty J79. Sadly, the cold war era seems to not have the same economic appeal in ED's eyes. Maybe one day.
  12. I felt compelled to update my topic as I have just had an amazing multiplayer session following the latest open beta update. The introduction of the long awaited Huey multicrew feature seems to have also had a great effect on the L39 and I would assume multicrew in general. A friend and I were flying for two hours, shooting a myriad of approaches, doing aerobatics, spin recovery training and switching controls back and forth constantly and it was smooth as butter and none of the issues mentioned in my original post persisted. It was simply a fantastic experience and I w
  13. I think you are making a great point. As a lifelong fan of aviation in general and military aviation in particular I absolutely adore the fact that we get to experience such a variety of planes in this amazing detail. To me, it is about learning and understanding these pieces of history and that also includes the art of flying and employing systems that are not state of the art but had a special place in history. Yes, the 9.12 is not comparable to modern jets. But when it appeared on the stage it was ground breaking for Soviet military aviation in many ways and stunned western obse
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