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  1. , At max HOT range, at least with the tested T72, one seems pretty safe even when T72 is facing to you or showing its side. Aproaching from behind you can get a lot closer, Tank is aiming at you, but not firing for some reason. So basically range in the main Key. Although not what i was looking for, but at least something to work with
  2. What a mixed bag...tried to attack from behind, took out one T72, 2nd one sending a missile my way that i was able to dodge, then flanked around the him, waiting in front of him. After a while when he folowed initial route took him out head to head, without him noticing me behind the tree, some 2ish km away. Basically same aproach as my previous ones (side), but without the tanks magically spotting me. Was exactly how it "should" be, I dont know what to make of it...
  3. Did my most recent tests from the side, will try approaching from behind and see if it makes a difference
  4. Then it should not be called "AI" , what a shame for a SIM of this level. So only thing to do with anti tank missiles is to hunt GAZ trucks and oil barrels, sounds enticing.
  5. I dont want the trees to be a physical cover, but a visual. Tried little ME mission were i take off behind a tree line a wait behind the trees until Tanks move into a little opening between trees /branches. But sill they could see me even beofe the is a line of sight at the said "opening". AI seems hyper aware and seems to have xray vision. dont know how to approach and if there even is a "chance" for said approach.
  6. quite new to DCS, enjoying helicopters so far. Hve been trying to use the Gazelle in Anti tank missions (SP) with its HOT armament. But no matter how good i try to hide behind trees, f**king AI T72 pick me up from miles away, no chance of creating an ambush or anything, cant see them, still i get their shells while hovering BEHIND trees, tried numerous ways - what is this, i mean, come on!? Is there a way to get AI to a more, lets say realistic and "human" level??? If not the gazelle is pretty much useless in this role - and i could have saved my money.
  7. I am quite "new" to DCS, after flying in the old Lock on days i returned just a few weeks ago. I am flying only VR, my setup 8086k @5Ghz, 16Gb 3200, SSD, 2080 Super, Oculus Rift. I always aim for 90fps, i dont like ghosting and artifacts. What i found so far, missions with AI activity often induce stutter/smearing mostly due to high CPU usage. So my "solution" so far is to use the mission editor and create "CPU friendly" dynamic missions with only a dozen AI units. Works for me since i only fly choppers. BUT! even then, flying in a mission on caucasus map, ambushing a T55 con
  8. Maybe i am a bit dense, but I cant get Beta to work. Am i missing something? Had no problem with stable version, got messages at start and could activate features. But not with open Beta. Copied folder into DCS, start the game and nothing, no switching, menu, whats so ever. Running Version
  9. The link you posted is some shader you can use to get 2D games in VR mode. But that doesnt help with the color saturation issue i have. As far as i can tell, Reshade only applies to monitors, not the HMD that are attached to a PC.
  10. I think ReShade doesnt work with VR as far as i know.
  11. Hello, i am searching for a way/tweak/mod to adjust DCS color saturation. I use Oculus Rift, unfortunatly there are no adjustments like on monitor. Because of the OLED display, colors are a bit oversaturated. For IL2 i found a way through a mod to adjust saturation for my liking, with DCS however, i am searching for weeks now, without success. any ideas and sugestions are welcome Cheers!
  12. no sir, steam VR is a performance pig and it induces a lot of stutter - im using "open composite" and Oculus Tray Tool (OTT), PD of 1,3 (it overrides any setting in DCS) in OTT = SS of 1744x2064, thats about the optimum for me for the Oculus Rift, more SS doesnt make any more difference visually, but hits performance
  13. What a fantastic mod! Just recently tried DCS, after years of il2 inb VR (i dont fly 2d anymore) i just couldnt resist the ka50 any longer. This mod checked all the things i wanted. - Less (smoke) effects > no more stuttering when going in and moving dirt - shadows seem more "tamed" still no loss in visual quality - i am always aiming for 90fps, so far i had to settle with PD of 1.2 to stay under 95% gpu in 99% of time, now just tried 1.3 and performace still the same, maybe even lower! Grear job sir! 8086k@4,9Ghz, 2080 Super, 16GB ram, Oculus Rift
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