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  1. Even when that 3rd party appears to build and sell such systems in real life, so there's a good chance they are subject matter experts in this matter? Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  2. RAPIER uses the surveillance radar in the top dome to search for the targets; target acquisition and tracking is performed visually. Blindfire radar was added later as a complement to enable the system to operate in low-visibility conditions. In theory, both radars could be affected by Chaff to some extent, but given the operating range and band, they should be able to filter the Chaff out quite easily. The missile behavior after launch is a correct one because the missile flies unguided for the first couple of seconds until it acquires the signal from the guidance antenna (the parabolic antenna in the middle of the launcher assembly); only then it begins to adjust course.
  3. Hello, This behavior is quite realistic because RAPIER is not radar guided - it uses the SACLOS type of guidance, where the operator manually keeps the target in optical crosshairs. The missile itself receives commands from the guidance computer to steer to the target. Therefore, Chaff does not affect a system like this - it could only affect the surveillance radar.
  4. A good briefing and mission preparation contribute as much as 50 % to the mission success [emoji6], besides, makes a mission execution much easier. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  5. I have tested the mission with the latest dev build 4.4.91, and no problems, all scripts are working the way they are supposed to (maybe even better). Thanks for the tip about the script order during the mission start, helped to solve some problems as well. :thumbup:
  6. That's exactly what I proposed couple of months ago. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  7. No, the mission was modified solely by using the Mission Editor. Please check the attached file. The mission was created using older MIST version 4.4.88, then upgraded to MIST 4.4.90. mission.miz
  8. MIST 4.4.90 error message Hello Grimes, I'm getting a constant error message when starting the mission using the MIST 4.4.90 version. Could you please check it out?
  9. Sorry, but your point makes no sense. The pilot is obliged to perform a full walkaround and all systems checks everytime he/she gets on board. I think a better idea than a persistence would be to introduce a "human error" factor - as sometimes, the crew chief could get something overlooked. That would do the same and would be much closer to real life. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  10. All cockpit switches are returned to default positions by the crew chief, after each flight. In real life. Besides, you hardly fly the same airframe everytime. So, why would you want that? Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  11. +1 Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  12. Hello again! WPN volume knob acts as a switch - 9X seeker volume is either off or on, there is no change in the sound volume. This issue is not newly introduced, it's present for at least 4 versions back. Track provided. test03.trk
  13. Hello, on UFC, when the frequency on COM1 or COM2 is set to UHF, the press of any Options select pushbuttons (like GRCV) also changes the modulation (AM/FM). When the frequency is set to VHF, none of the Options select pushbuttons works. Track provided. test02.trk
  14. There are two factors involved: high-speed hot gas from the nozzle and the exhaust composition. Both are dangerous to other aircraft, personnel, and equipment. It would be great if the DCS simulated these effects. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  15. I would also welcome the possibility to select the unit type and controller: Unit type: Aircraft > F-16C Controller type > AI, Player, Client That would be absolutely perfect!
  16. With the latest hot-fix update, I was unable to reproduce this issue by any means, thus not being able to provide a track. Please disregard.
  17. G tolerance is a highly individual thing. Many fighter pilots can take even more if they do a proper G Warmup. That is simulated in DCS too, so if you wanna take more Gs, execute a 90 deg 3G turn and then another 180 deg 5G turn in the opposite direction. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  18. After the latest Beta update, the radar in A/A RWS mode keeps showing the SHOOT cue, even if no target is bugged or selected. Please check the attached screenshot.
  19. That's the way of training that most of the modern air forces use in real life. And if it looks weird to other sim pilots, it doesn't matter at all. Invulnerability + Tacview debriefing is a combination we use in our training as well because it's very efficient and time-saving.
  20. YES! Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  21. Indeed, but what's needed is actually the opposite - the way it's implemented in the F-14B: using DCS PTT without activating the Comms menu, but still integrating with the appropriate cockpit controls and indicators. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
  22. The SRS is generally incorporated into the most DCS airplanes already, there is just no interaction or ability to map the PTTs directly within the DCS. That's what I've been asking for. The basic functionality is already present, it just has to be enhanced - or "linked" ;)
  23. You are correct, but what I miss is the direct interaction with the DCS simulation itself - so the aircraft would provide the necessary feedback, not just the external application. Sent via mobile phone using Tapatalk
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