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  1. I finished last part of mission 6, with new clouds/weather is somehow easier because of better visibility. I love the fact that you keep providing small challenges during such long mission so that I never got bored Well done!
  2. Reshade VR can be found here https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 You need to copy in the bin folder.
  3. Reshade for VR makes things clear, I do not see any difference using Kegety shaders. Have you noticed difference in fps using kegety?
  4. One month in VR world with G2 and I can say the most confusing part was SteamVR with the resolution value. I could not keep my self to set anything less than 100% After reading this post I can enjoy 40+ FPS!
  5. Any idea why I am getting random right-eye grey? The menus and everything else appears on right eye but not in game graphics. I suspect WMR but not sure. The screen below is from steamvr vr view.
  6. I am using G2 on 3060 rtx if that helps. I am not sure what ASW is.
  7. I have installed successfully the shaders, I know because it took significant time to load and fxo/metashaders folders were getting new files. Then I also noticed that cockpit was missing/transparent which after reloading mission it was fixed. But I see no difference in fps anyone faced the same behavior? It was 40 before and it remains the same after.
  8. I have been playing for long in your server and I finally got a VR headset which adds great immersion. Due to low performance I had to install the VR shaders from below. But now I am failing the integrity check, any chance you remove it from the server? Not sure if it's needed in a non competitive server.
  9. The ka-50 HUD is unreadable with double reflections.
  10. I recently got the G2 and playing around with it. I have found that when I enter the multiplayer menu with servers listing the menu is very laggy, even mouse cursor is very slow making server selection difficult. Anyone with similar experience? In the game I get around 30-40 fps.
  11. I get some weird reflections in the cockpit glass with shaders, any ideas?
  12. How do I confirm that shaders are installed? I have tried both with OVGME or directly in DCS fodler but Integrity Check on servers requiring passes successfully. If I understand correct it should give the red warning in MP screen.
  13. In m-2000c the previous/next waypoints are blank, I think prior 2.7 they were working.
  14. That is great idea, admins would you consider such?
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