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  1. The brake is set as a Axis command, even though it has a keyboard function "W". I still needed to set the axis or it would'nt work.
  2. XpRiV

    YF-23A Project

    Morning, as far as i am aware there is no F-23 for DCS, VSN have a F-35 and there is a community mod being worked on. for the F-22 , try this : https://fsoutlet.com/f22/
  3. I had a quick go on Sunday, and it was good . HUD symbology is the same. I actually got my first A2A kills in it, I'm usually a mud mover
  4. Morning Guy's I posted this in a previous thread about the F117. The cockpit is good but non functional and weapons can only be released with a JTAC/buddy lase but it is great to fly around in. https://grimreapers.net/2021/03/03/f-117a-nighthawk-mod-download-installation-setup-operation-guide-dcs-world/
  5. I tried the Mod from the Discord link last night, it looks the part and works really well. i like the digital upfront panel in the cockpit.
  6. Hi Guys, If you aren't aware, this Mod is out and is really good with a nice cockpit. I love flying around NTTR in it. https://grimreapers.net/2021/03/03/f-117a-nighthawk-mod-download-installation-setup-operation-guide-dcs-world/
  7. As wisky said, you might need to change your throttle saturation in Axis tune. Happened to me when i switched sticks, i now have to have saturation at about 85.
  8. XpRiV

    Harrier Sounds

    Good Morning All, I use the Stable version and recently got the new update. Without thinking, i installed without reading or backing up any files i thought might be important. Because of that, i lost the original Sounds file. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the file or does anyone have a copy they can share? I've tried my hardest to get used to the new sounds, but I cant!
  9. Agree with Tim on this, i bit the bullet this time and got the Hornet to complement my AV-8B, even at 30% off it is still worth every penny.
  10. Just a heads up, i tried the clickable_common method and it works although you still have to activate it with Alt+C. The only thing i didn't like about it was that the cursor would end up pointing off centre. I'm going to have a play about with the lua to see if it is possible to stop it from doing that.
  11. Morning, This was posted by mcgrips in a topic called "Can't assign mouse button" posted on the 26th Nov 2020. Worked for me.
  12. Surely being able to read the MPCD's counts as an priority/important issue though!!
  13. I think its because in service, you never see pylons removed just empty. Plus would it not effect the balance?
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