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  1. Tried this today after I saw your post. Seems stable (RiftS VR) no noticeable improvement but tbh I wasn't having any specific issues with the latest public driver on a 3090. Not tried in 2D as yet
  2. Really enjoying this, great for A2G practice I did remove some of the directories from the miz to get around the "LOAD " issue highlighted early, but great work...thankyou!!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Please find RAR file attached, both FrameAnalysisDirectories created whilst running your modded d3dx.ini file. First Directory is using my normal options.lua graphics settings and the second (later timestamped) one is using the graphics section you provided in my options.lua. Still no response with LSHIFT F7 unfortunately. Numpad 0 and 8 of course work. 3DMiGoto-Debug.rar
  4. So, cleaned up FXO and metashaders again and changed hunting value to 2. Numpad 0 now displays a green text line on the the monitor (VS: 0/0 etc etc) and my FPS counter drops to 8FPS but LSHIT+F7 still does nothing, no display on HMD or monitor.
  5. Thanks, I'll try that. I've done the others except for the hunting parameter change in the ini. I did see a post that was similar. If I don't get that visual indication then I guess it's definitely not hooking.
  6. I'm guessing that particular setting has no impact in VR anyway?
  7. Odd isn't it. Yes, 8.1 from the link in this post. Agreed, it just copies the bin directory into the main DCS Worlds directory, I can see the files from the MOD are being moved in etc so no idea
  8. Hi, No I did try it (using OVGME) but tbh noticed no real improvement. It has since been deactivated. That said, I don't have an issue with VR performance (I don't have the channel map), I was mostly interested in the copy functionality and the cockpit FXAA. Logs look OK, just no menu or any other indication that the mod is active when pressing LSHIFT + F7..most odd
  9. I've activated this mod via OVGME and can't get LSHIFT + F7 to do anything. Using latest Openbeta. Have checked key bindings and there seems to be no conflict in DCS. Any ideas?
  10. Hi, Please see here : https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257397-tew-a10c-ii-mission-3-tot/?tab=comments#comment-4526471
  11. Would be very interested to hear the outcome. In my limited dealings with them they've been very helpful.
  12. No worries. Glad you're enjoying it, mine is still on back order so keeping an eye on this thread, especially the detent shenanigans!
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I misread and assumed you meant the monstertech chair mounts, reread and see you meant the desk mounts.
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