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  1. Absolutely, I'd completely forgotten tbh
  2. My default.vrsettings was reverted, so had to comment out the below again, post update
  3. Personally I'd love to see a patch that was VR focused. As much as I appreciate the huge amount of effort that the team constantly put into the sim, there are some real VR fundamentals that need to be addressed. The fact the US military are using the platform as part of their A10 training syllabus is reason enough surely.
  4. Check your wheel brakes bindings in HOTAS. Also this setting under MISC Possible your wheel brakes are mapped to a switch or similar on the HOTAS and this is also set. The behaviour you describe is typical of braking when you trap, which of course you shouldn't do as you'll pull an Evel Knievel style wheelie
  5. I saw the original post this morning, so being a masochist I updated and suprisingly all was still well. If it's of any relevance I am running 20H2 with the latest cumulative PREVIEW. Rest of specs in sig and latest Nvidia driver. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-20h2-kb5001391-cumulative-update-preview-released/ That said I have only played for about 30 minutes total today, but launching DCS has posed no issue thus far.
  6. @Sr.Just tried here and DCS launched fine. I did however leave the default options checked in SteamVR for WMR. Be interested to see if the Optimise rendering and GPU mem usage make any odds to performance. Will try later.
  7. Very odd, and no idea why it worked. But yes, it was me that requested it with your first release as it messed up the DSMS pages and a few bits, for me at least
  8. @EasyEB So a quick update, the OB patch yesterday didn't seem to make any difference to the crashes, also had the issue in the A10CII with GBU12's (my friend was in the A10). So tried today but deleted the contents of the MIZ archive so that only folder left is the L10n folder, and no more crashes in the F18 with rockeyes, I have no idea why tbh!!
  9. I've not come across the 2nd mission crash as yet, however using the XCAS mission ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314238/ )and dropping Rockeyes from an F18 causes a crash every time, also had the same issue using GBU12's from an A10 yesterday. I appreciate the statement isn't that helpful, but I'm still trying to isolate the exact circumstances.
  10. No worries, I'm going to have more of a dig and also try the A10 this evening. Most odd is that it didn't happen on a simple Caucasus mission with a few units. I'll try a simple mission in Syria too. Not looked at the log as yet. I had to kill DCS using task manager, but will take a nose now. Odd in as much as it is reproducible. Are there any scripts in your mission that could cause something like this? I'm guessing not. There's also a patch due today so I may wait and see if that solves the issue.
  11. Excellent. Will you be sharing this version ahead of release too?
  12. Bit of an odd issue here. So I added a pair of F14's and and a Pair of F18's (I just changed the type in the ME for some of the 10C's). Took an F18 loaded up with Rockeyes and went off to do some damage. As soon I press weapon release and the cue hits the drop point in the HUD DCS freezes completely. No issues with GBU's or CBU99's, JDAMS etc. The issue does not occur if I try and drop on static buildings near the airfield for example. All mods removed, clean and repair (slow) same issue. So it seems only to affect Rockeyes. I haven't tried in the A10 yet (bit time limited). I'll try and set
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