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  1. Ultimately, yes, I would want to see that. It is the "Digital Combat Simulator" not just the "Digital Flight Simulator", so it would be great to include all aspects. It would certainly not have the same level of detail as the aircraft modules, but imagine a modeled bridge where you could switch between stations, or even walk around. But in the current state, I wouldn´t want ED to open up another construction site. Could be a great multi-crew experience though. Has anyone here ever played the "starship bridge simulator" ? Something like that in the DCS environment would be cool.
  2. Morning. Short background story: Before I dove deep into DCS, I was part of an online racing community. That´s why my rig is a Raceroom racing rig. When I bought that, I thought it would be easy to attach the Warthog to the sides of the base. But it turned out that the base of the seat was made of thin metal sheets that were at some weird angles. So for several months now I made up plans how to turn this into a proper flight sim rig, but I mostly came to the conclusion that I had to replace the whole thing, which I didn´t want. So for the longest time I used this improvised solution: As you can see, this was less than ideal. There was always some movement in the box/book combo and it really is quite ugly... Now the other day I looked around in my room and noticed that the upper part of my IKEA "Billy" shelf is this separate attachment that might be just the right size to replace these boxes. I took it off my shelf and tried if it would fit, and it´s almost perfect. So I drove off to IKEA and bought two of those (they are 80x28x35 cm in size). I am very happy with the result: I also added the carpet so that the shelves wouldn´t move around and also for aesthetic reasons (and yes, I also cleaned up the corner a bit). I am yet unsure if I will pimp the whole thing further, but I have a few ideas: I plan to add USB Hubs to the inside of the Billys to manage the cables better and to add a proper mouse and mousepad behind the stick (I use the touchpad of the keyboard on the left, which isn´t ideal) The wooden board holding the MFDs is also somewhat improvised and not pretty, but it gets the job done. And I fly mostly in VR so I don´t see it anyway I also got cheap storage boxes from Ikea that fit nicely underneath the shelves where I store my Reverb in so it doesn´t collect dust. I think this could be a good basis for other stuff though. One could easily build side panels onto the shelves, or I even thought about joining the two together with a reversed U-shaped plate that would work as a front panel where I could mount the MFDs. So if anyone is looking for cheap and easy mounting solution this might work for you (the "Billy" attachments are 20 Euro each)
  3. Yeah, thanks for this post. I think, one problem for many (myself included) is just to leave their comfort zone. For many, english is not their native language and then talking to strangers in this somewhat serious environment often doesn´t come easy. And then there is of course a "fear" of messing things up and being a burden to others. Many of these concerns are probably stupid, but I guess they are there for many people. So, posts like this might help some to get out of their comfort zone and try it out.
  4. Beide Programme bieten übrigens kostenlose Testversionen an, da kann man schon mal ausprobieren ob die Sprachsteuerung für einen selbst funktioniert.
  5. No, we don´t know that. We know that 15% of the people taking the poll would potentially pay for a subscription. Depending on the amount of the subscription fee, this number would be lower. I bet even the people who voted with "yes" won´t pay 20 $ per month for skins or forum avatars or the like. And all the monthly bonus content has to be made in the first place. So if the fee is too low, it might not pay for that. Also, what the poll tells us is that 85% might be unhappy about such a subscription. To be honest, I don´t think many would leave the game because of this, but unhappy customers tend to spend less money.
  6. I agree with everything said. I can´t imagine dealing with the full fidelity cockpits without head tracking. And not to forget that this frees up your trim hat to actually trim your aircraft ! (without any modifiers)
  7. Well the option is there and all I can tell is that it works perfectly fine for me. So it´s worth a try for the OP.
  8. Or if you activate "synchronize cockpit controls with HOTAS" from the options menu, it should work right away.
  9. Does the stick show up in windows and DCS as "Thrustmaster Warthog" ? Or as a generic Joystick ? If it is the latter, you will be able to fly with it, but probably not all the buttons will work properly. But it´s an old and popular stick, so it might as well be included in Windows driver database. Could it be that some small object fell into the opening of the throttle levers ? And that is blocking or scraping on the plastic ? When you move them seperately, do both of them make the creaking sound ?
  10. Hey, you need to install the drivers, but not necessarily the TARGET software. But I guess it depends on what you want to do with the stick/throttle. Most stuff you can do within DCS itself. I never felt the need for the TARGET software. But then again, I mostly fly the A-10, everything was setup correctly in DCS right away. So your mileage may vary. As for the throttle, this doesn´t sound normal. I never had any creaking sound after several years and the "smoothness" also hasn´t changed. Maybe you accidentally fiddled around with the friction wheel ?
  11. Yeah, it was the same for me. My local hardware dealer had a test room for VR and I played Project Cars there which lead to me not buying the headset at that time because of motion sickness. The experience left some impression however, so I bought it a couple of weeks later anyway. And indeed, flying was much less problematic for me than racing games. I think it´s because you have a closer reference with the moving ground in a car. But really, after a couple of weeks, the motion sickness was totally gone for me. I can fly or drive around for hours without problems now.
  12. I´m pretty sure it can be disabled by default. Whenever I hop into the Huey, I don´t have the crew info window. Though I don´t know how I did that. Edit: Just found it: You have to uncheck the "Show hints at mission start" option.
  13. I voted for no, and here is why: It´s not that I´m not willing to pay ED for their good work - I am. It´s because with subscriptions, I always feel some kind of pressure of "having to play" and that takes away the fun for me. I don´t want that.
  14. Have you tried to remove the role completely ? I had the same issue in a mission where I wanted a pair of A-10s to attack a target with their guns, and someone gave me the tip to remove the "CAS" role and it worked.
  15. I voted for no. I really would love a proper combined arms, but they should finish the first one before thinking about a combined arms II. The current one feels very much like an early access release. So unless there will be some major updates to that, I don´t think I would invest in a combined arms II.
  16. Does it work if you moved them back to off and then idle again ? I always had to move them twice to get them to start until I checked the "synchronize controls with cockpit" option.
  17. Blinken die LEDs kurz auf wenn Du das Teil einstöpselst ? Also wirklich nur für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde ? Das hatte ich vor ein paar Monaten und dann rausgefunden dass das wohl leider ein bekanntes Problem mit dem Throttle ist. Wenn das mit dem Bootloader nicht funktioniert ist sehr wahrscheinlich da die Platine im Arsch und muss getauscht werden. Hatte mir der Support da auch direkt bei Schilderung der Symptome gesagt. Und auch direkt die Tausch-Platine für 50 Euro angeboten.
  18. I just stopped recording replays as it is pointless to me because of this bug. Seems to me that the replays mess up after about 10 minutes of mission time.
  19. I upgraded from the Vive Pro to the G2 and I would say it is worth it. But there are some ups and downs. The biggest benefits are picture clarity and readability of instruments. While the Vive Pro still has a very noticable screen door effect, the G2 has none and this alone made it worth it for me. Downsides are as mentioned above: you need a lot of power to really use this high resolution. At standard resolution, steam VR renders the G2 at much more than its native resolution (it´s a lot higher than an 8K resolution, closer to 10K actually) so most likely you won´t get 90 FPS and will have to go down to 45 FPS and use motion smoothing (which the G2 does a lot better than the Vive Pro). The tracking is not quite on the same level as with the lightstations of the Vive. The major point being that you can´t run the headset in a dark room. The biggest downside for me was that the G2 is a real diva to get running in the first place. So it doesn´t like some USB ports, you will need to use the windows mixed reality software and mixed reality for steam in addition to steam VR. So you have to start three programs every time and the settings are scattered all over the place. So be prepared to spend 1-2 weeks to get it running the way you want and especially in DCS until you find the sweet spot. Don´t expect a plug and play experience like with the Vive. But in the end, if it runs (even at 50% render resolution and 45 FPS) it is a much better experience to fly in DCS, so for me it was absolutely worth it.
  20. Ich finde auch dass es ganz interessant klingt. Wie "ernst" würdet Ihr es denn besonders mit dem Funkverkehr nehmen ? Das ist so ein Gebiet mit dem ich mich noch gar nicht befasst habe. Zum Einen weil ich mir diese ganzen Brevity Codes nicht merken kann, und zum Anderen weil ich mir einfach blöd vorkomme, in "Denglisch" da irgendwelche Meldungen zu machen. Außerdem habe ich meinen Wehrdienst lange hinter mir und habe ehrlich gesagt keine große Lust im Hobby nochmal lernen zu müssen wie man "korrekt" Meldung macht. Ich weiß, dass es teils zu einer MilSim dazu gehört, aber ich habe halt auch keine Lust dass man den Kopf abgerissen bekommt wenn man im Funk mal etwas sagt wie "Gegnerische Panzer da unten am See !" Klar soll nicht jeder durcheinander quatschen, aber ich möchte da auch kein Rollenspiel draus machen... Ich selbst würde mich als einigermaßen fähig am Stick der A-10C bezeichnen, was ich da noch lernen müsste, wären eben Sachen wie Datalink oder eben alles was mit Multiplayer zu tun hat. Huey und F-16 befinden sich außerdem auch noch bei mir im Hangar. Startup muss man mir da aber auch nicht mehr erklären und ich bekomme beide auch gestartet und (meistens) gelandet. (F-16 ist aber noch sehr frisch, mehr als Starten und Landen habe ich da noch nicht gemacht). Whatsapp habe ich allerdings auch nicht.
  21. Sorry, I don´t understand. I did just what you describe: I went from 100% and adjusted until I got to a steady 45 FPS, which is at 50% Steam VR resolution ... Besides, that´s not the point. The point is that I get twice the FPS on maps like Caucasus, Persian Gulf and even Syria with the same settings. And from what I´ve read, I´m not the only one.
  22. Just did a run with FPSVR enabled. F-16, Instant Action, Free Flight over the main island. FPS is around 22-26. These are my settings (I run 50% Steam VR resolution, so pretty much the G2´s native resolution): The same settings without VR results in very smooth 70 FPS (but it looks terrible without MSAA on the monitor): My system: Ryzen 7 5800X, 32 GB Ram, GTX1080 Ti It´s hard to critizice a free map, but for now, all I can do here is running benchmarks.
  23. well there was some experimental setting included in WMR recently where it would produce 2 images with motion reprojection instead of only one. That would set the FPS to 30 while running 90 Hz. Not sure if that is supported in DCS or steam VR - it works in Microsoft Flight Simulator
  24. Yeah, I literally spent weeks optimising my VR settings so I can get mostly stable 45 FPS on all maps, even Syria. But Marianas feels more like 20 FPS. I haven´t tried it yet with FPSVR enabled, but as long as there is some island visible, it´s unplayable for me.
  25. Hm ... "Bei der Installation von Windows 11 entfällt die Einrichtung des Sprachassistenten. Außerdem wird auf dem Windows-11-Desktop der Cortana-Eintrag in der Taskleiste entfernt." Heißt das jetzt Cortana entfällt (endlich) oder heißt das nur die Einrichtung und die Anzeige in der Taskleiste entfällt und das Ding ist im Hintergrund immer aktiv, ob man will oder nicht ? Da steht ja nicht "Cortana entfällt" Und schön dass man sich dann nicht mehr die Taskleiste hinsetzen darf wo man möchte...
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