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  1. That would be my biggest worry too. I fly exclusively in VR and Marianas is still unplayable for me. And I don´t want to make "special" graphics settings for single maps. I think, I´ll wait for a couple of reviews before buying the map ...
  2. So mache ich das auch und bin super zufrieden damit.
  3. No, with "standalone" I meant the ED/non-steam version.
  4. Most VR-headsets come with tracked controllers, which you can use to flip all the switches in the cockpit, though I found using a mouse just behind my throttle to be much easier to handle. There are also solutions of hand trackers/gloves, but I have no experience with those. Another good option many are using is software like voice attack where you can just give audio commands to your computer to raise or lower the landing gear for example.
  5. If you stick to the steam version, you have to buy all the modules from steam as well. Modules bought from ED Shop won´t work with steam. Any modules bought in the steam store can be converted to the standalone version though. I have been using the steam version for a long time. I have yet to encounter a module that would be incomatible. As with the standalone version, some modules might require the beta client though. Im steam, you can rightclick on the DCS entry and there is a tab called "beta participation" or something like that. There you can change the steam version to the beta client.
  6. What do you mean "no twist" ? I´m pretty sure that thing only moves on the x and y axis, and has no twist function. Hopefully you didn´t try to twist too hard and damaged the connector or something...
  7. Interesting. Last time I checked, VR performance in MSFS2020 was much worse than in DCS for me. I guess, I´ll have to give it another go...
  8. OK, here are some updates on my "mark 3" build. (I also changed the title of the thread as this isn´t really about the Ikea shelves anymore) I cut out my cardoard draft from wooden board. Turned out that 5 mm was too thin, so I wanted to use 10 mm, but my local store didn´t have anything fitting on stock, so I bought a 16 mm thick board (the panel is 110x50 cm). It´s a bit too thick (and heavy) for my taste, but it works: Next, I drilled holes for the MFDs and the Virpil Control Panel: I 3D printed simple L-shaped holders for the control panel: I used rests of the wooden board and wanted to build a holder for the whole panel to attach it to the Raceroom Rig: But unfortunately, the board is a bit too small and the whole thing wiggles up and down a bit. So right now, I´m also 3d printing a larger version of that thing that will hopefully hold the panel in place tightly. Takes about 14 hours because I used a lot of infill so it will be stable enough. As soon as I know that everything fits, I will paint the board black (or dark grey, haven´t decided yet) and then attach the USB hubs to the back with double-sided tape and do some cable management. Of course, the MFD cables will also go to the backside.
  9. In that case, it wouldn´t fit. I don´t have a Mongoose, but a WarBRD and Warthog base. I just compared the two. The Warthog base holes are in a square pattern, 6 cm apart from each other. While the WarBRD base´s are rectangular, 7 x 11 cm.
  10. 2 types that YOU know of
  11. Well, why don´t we just teleport to work ?
  12. LOL, we went quite quickly from a YAK 141 to AT ATs Hopefully, someone else is already working on faster than light towcables ...
  13. It is true ... we don´t know of this technology in the KLINGON EMPIRE ...
  14. Eugel

    Unreal Engine 5

    I would actually agree on that. IF the game/sim is build from ground up with that engine, as this thing from MIS is. But converting DCS to a completely different engine, with all the modules, assets, mods, etc. is simply unreasonable as it wouldn´t generate any or much income. Also, besides some pretty pictures and promotional videos, not much is known about MIS new sim. Will it even be availabe for consumer hardware/software ? Will it cost 10 times as much as DCS ? A few years back, many people in the sim racing community were sceptical when "Assetto Corsa Competizione" was announced to use UE4, like "what, a serious simulation with the Unreal engine ??" And it had/has? terrible performance in VR compared to other sims and at least in the beginning had a lot of other VR related problems as well (haven´t played it in a while, so can´t say how the current status is)
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